3 Things You Should Be Able To Do

online calisthenics Jul 07, 2022

The standard goals, for anyone who takes calisthenics training seriously, is to be able to perform as follow:

  • 1+ clean muscle up
  • 20+ clean pull ups
  • 40+ clean push ups

The Muscle Up

This move is calisthenics in a nutshell. It requires lots of skills and strength to achieve.

So performing this movement with clean form will prove a few things: you have great pulling strength, mobile and strong shoulders, great pelvic strength and overall proprioceptive skills.

Pull Ups

Pull ups are the staple calisthenics exercise. This is where it all starts. Everyone should be a master at pull ups. 

Anyone who can achieve 20+ clean pull ups shows great athleticism.

This requires endurance, full back and grip strength, core strength, shoulder mobility, and coordination.

Make it your standard.

Push ups 

The humble push up is the most popular fitness movement in the world. Everyone has done them at least once in their lives.

Busting 40+ clean "hollow body" push ups is not an easy task, but it should become a familiar standard if you are serious about training and want to get strong.

No matter what your level currently is, the long term vision is what matters!

Are you there yet overall? If not, then let's get started!

If you can actually do it, then let's work on going higher than that!

So get access to the best online calisthenics course and coaching!

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