Online Calisthenics Personal  Coaching

3 Months Of Live Video Coaching +  All Online Calisthenics Programs


Get The One-on-One Support You Need To Crush Your Goals

The program is based on our multi-level online course, with progressive overload, every 4 weeks, for 3 months.


How Personal Coaching Works


It all starts with the Introductory Call.

We'll meet over Facetime, discuss your experience, level, goals, any possible injuries and restrictions, and any other calisthenics or health related topics you have in mind.

I will assess your calisthenics skills and fitness level and select a workout program accordingly.

We'll also set and schedule future goals to keep you motivated and accountable.

After the Intro Call, your semi-weekly sessions will begin.

  • These occur once a week over Facetime or Zoom, with 60 minutes per call.
  • We'll discuss all of the topics listed in the section below ("What We Discuss During Weekly Calls.") 
  • Throughout the week, you'll also have access to me, via text-message and/or chat for support, accountability, and questions


What We Discuss During Weekly Calls


1 - Workout & Performance:

We'll analyze and discuss your workout form and performance every week. Upload videos of you performing a few repetitions of the main movements in your assigned workouts.

  • I will then analyze your form, point out places of improvement and correction, and discuss the necessary changes during the call.
  • You'll also receive a written copy of these notes in the followup email sent out after each call. This helps you keep track of progress, as well as clarifying your strengths and weaknesses for future fine-tuning.

2 - Mobility & Recovery

We will assess your needs weekly with Q&As during every session. We'll focus on particular topics during each session, depending on your personal needs at the time of the calls.

I will give you tips and recommendations to guide you with the following:

  • Daily improvement of your flexibility and mobility
  • Daily prehab techniques daily to avoid injuries
  • How to rehab minor injuries
  • How to improve and get rid of chronic pains.

3 - Nutrition

We’ll talk about the nutrition plan and go over Q&As depending on your needs during every session.

We will cover any particular topics depending on your personal needs at the time of the calls. I will give you tips on:

  • Recommended daily macros and how to optimize your meals
  • Calorie deficit to stay lean and build muscle
  • Food portions to reach optimized digestion
  • Nutrients quality to get the best out of your meals
  • Meal timing and cycles to optimize your fitness results
  • Hydration to build a sustainable daily routine

4 - Daily Lifestyle & Habits

We'll address topics such as

  • Sleep
  • Screen time
  • Outdoor exposure/vitamin D synthesis
  • Breathing
  • Hobbies
  • Community & work
  • Body imbalances/Chronic pain assessment
  • Daily mobility & stretching
  • Breath work

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