Here is how the program is structured...

All Level Flexibility Module

Discover warm up patterns and mobility routines that will take your training sessions to the next level.

You will learn how to strengthen, loosen and improve your joints mobility and health.

Improve muscle agility and strength for healthy shoulders, neck, hips, knees, ankles, toes, fingers, wrists and hands.

Workout Module Level 0

Calisthenics Intro Training

The intro level is designed to learn calisthenics foundation movements. This includes beginners exercises and a detailed workout schedule.

The workout program includes progressive exercises to work your way up to level 1 and beyond.

This includes:

  • 10 different workout days
  • 1 General - 4 Day Intro Workout Plan for ALL Beginners
  • 1 Special - Women's Beginner Program: geared towards women, it covers all the essential movements and progressions to start calisthenics and build solid foundations.
  • 25+ Exercises and videos
  • 1 Monthly Motivation schedule to start managing your weeks and build healthy habits.
  • 1-2+ Months

Workout Module Level 1

Calisthenics Training - Level 1

Refine and practice essential basic bodyweight movements. Add new beginners movement to your routine, masteproper form and increase performance.

Get leaner, gain strength and increase cardio performance throughout the weeks. Build endurance, train your full body, with added focus on different compound movements and body parts, each day.

This includes:

  • 130 + Videos
  • 12 Day Beginner Workout Plan
  • 1-3 Months

Workout Module Level 2

Calisthenics Training - Level 2

Keep making progress in your calisthenics training, nutrition and overall wellness.

Discover new, more advanced and challenging moves, such as levers, lat flies, head bangers, single bar work, proprioception, higher volume of reps and sets, and more. Take your calisthenics skills to the next level with more intense workout training routines.

This includes:

  • 130+ Videos
  • 12 Day Intermediate Workout Plan
  • 1 to 3+ months

Workout Module Level 3

Calisthenics Training Level 3

Perform high standard calisthenics movements and routines.

Break plateaus with high volume training, full body, beast mode sets and reps intro, advanced targeted statics and techniqueshigher intensity and overall endurance.

This includes:

  • 130 + Videos
  • 12 Day Advanced Workouts
  • 3-6+ months long 

All Level Workshops Module

This module is dedicated to our special workshops.

We cover healthy and realistic methods, to get and stay lean long term.

Learn special calisthenics techniques like handstands, muscle ups and more. Discover whole-nutrient-dense foods, behavior and mindset change techniques, special mobility, flexibility and breathing techniques.

All Level Nutrition & Lifestyle Module

Our ebooks and workshops provide you with healthy and realistic nutrition methods, to get and stay lean.

Learn about food, what to eat, when, and more tips, to build a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Access original, at home, healthy recipes that you can realistically make and enjoy under 45 minutes.

Learn more with our workshops about everything else wellness related, like breath work, injury prevention, rehab methods, trigger point massaging and more amazing holistic wellness practices.