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Warm up, Pulling, Pushing, Leg work, Core, Special Skills, Agility, Mobility, Recovery. Beginners to Advanced.


We created short format videos

  • From beginner to advanced level
  • Time efficient, videos range from 10 to 30 sec
  • Step by step, ranked by movement type
  • Detailed, custom cues for optimal training form
  • Silent mode. Learn and train, while listening to your favorite playlist
  • Sorted by level, for easy use
  • 60+ Videos, and more coming
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Take a look...

...Here are some examples of some calisthenics movements. Like shrugs and pull ups, bar push ups and box squats but also advanced headbangers for core and more. Get many other progressions and alternative moves with our Starter and Progress plans!


Lose Fat And Gain Lean Muscle With Calisthenics