3 Actionable Tips For Better Results With Calisthenics!

Uncategorized Jul 03, 2022

Want to get better results with calisthenics training? 

This may sound easy but start by doing this:

Tip 1:  Have an idea of what you are going to do at your training session.

I personally like the pulling, pushing, legs training split.

I also have a secondary layer added to this where I plan reps and volume, isometrics and skills, mobility and prehab to stay long term injury free.

Tip 2: Focus on intention on every rep 

When I say that, you may think, “of course we need that!”, well the reality is most people don’t actually do it.

When doing 10 reps, most will start losing will power after 7 or 8 reps, sometimes before that, when they get “tired”. Their mind starts to focus on saving energy rather than get those extra reps as clean as possible.

Focus until the last rep. Have the “intent” even if you fail your last rep!

Tip 3: Train with “speed”

This doesn’t mean “throw” yourself in the air no matter what the form is.

Quite the opposite, you want to focus on form AND speed. This is a humbling process.

Clean push ups for example, could be described as doing dynamic clean push ups while “holding” a hollow plank.

In a pull up, always get the intent of going quick on your way up! Even if you are tired and end up failing! Try! Only thinking about it will make you stronger in the long run.

I, of course use all of those tips myself. 

They all work amazingly well. Now, go forth and implement! 

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I am here to help you plan and build your workouts, mindset and nutrition, in a sustainable and practical way!




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