Simple Calisthenics Leg Workout


Simple Calisthenics Leg Workout!

Build a strong lower body with the horse stance.

It’s one of those that looks easier than it is!

I put it next to the chair’s pose in yoga.

While holding the pose, focus on keeping your legs as engaged and stable as possible.

You will feel your leg posture giving up with time. Fight it.

Keep your adductors, glutes and core very active during the hold.

Also make sure to stay grounded with good ankle and foot activation.

Lastly breathe through the hold and approach the move as a meditation practice.

I did 3 sets of 1.45-2min. My goal is to be able to hold it for 4 min eventually.

Go for 3 sets of your max hold. Rest 2-3 min between sets.

Make it a regular practice (3 times per week) to build solid legs and core.

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Calisthenics Training FAQ’s


What is Calisthenics Training?
Calisthenics, rooted in the ancient Greek...

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What To Do After Christmas Eve!


What To Do After Christmas Eve!

If you are like me and like to eat good during the holidays, then this training tip is for you.

My wife cooked a great "Fench bistro" Christmas dinner: steak with mushroom sauce, sauteed potatoes, and garlic green beans, followed by a decadent chocolate tart and blueberry coulis.

We had some great red wine from Paso Robles to along with the meal.

The meal was a amazing.

All that being said, an easy trick I use right after a successful Christmas dinner is to speed up my metabolism!

I don't forget the essential life hacks.

And this includes: do not be inactive on Christmas day!

So, I go for a 2 mile, run, on an empty stomach (I do drink a bit of water before running) first thing in the morning, on Christmas day!

It feels great!

You sweat a lot of toxins out, and you can even breathe heavy towards the end if you try to finish fast (I sometimes try to sprint the last 30 seconds of my 2 mile run).

The best beginner running tip is to start running...

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5 Killer Calisthenics Leg Workouts


5 Killer Calisthenics Leg Workouts!

Your legs are almost half of your bodyweight!

So one key thing to remember is that training your legs needs to account for 50% of your overall workouts. 

Calisthenics offers the opportunity to work on leg strength but also speed and agility.

Here are 5 killer bodyweight leg exercises that will get your legs strong, toned and fast. 

And don't forget to include some running to build resilient and strong legs!

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Build Explosive and Strong Legs With Calisthenics


Build Explosive and Strong Legs With Calisthenics!

Every day is leg day!

It needs to be the way we think about how important our legs are.

Workout your legs as much as you can. On days where you don't, make sure to do some active stretching, to keep making your legs strong. 

Our legs have to be strong and mobile in order to cary our bodies around, ALL the time.

Here is a video to show you some great calisthenics exercises that will help you build explosive and strong legs.

Let's go!

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The Best Calisthenics Core Workout You Are Not Doing


The Best Calisthenics Core Workout You Are Not Doing!

One of the best hidden calisthenics workout secrets to build strong abs: narrow squats.

No equipment needed!

Combine those with an efficient warm up and deep #core exercises, to build some solid calisthenics foundations:

-Knee raises

-Butt Kicks

-Pogo Jumps

-Narrow squats

-Donkey Kicks

-Mountains Climbers

-Superman & Scorpio flow

-Dynamic side planks

-Windshield wipers

-Static leg holds

Focus on the best form you can perform for each rep of each set. Start with 3 sets of each if you are just beginning your journey.

Increase the volume as you progress weeks after weeks.

This will challenge most body parts and hit many different angles.

Add the required volume for a killer session!

Transform you body with calisthenics. Here is how to make your own beginner calisthenics workout program!

Get in the best shape of your life!

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How To Improve Your Squats

The short answer is: better ankle mobility.

I highly recommend to get some video footage of your training sessions with your phone, when you have a chance. Not for Instagram, but to help you picture your movement while you are performing it.

It's actually how pro athletes train, with more cameras. Attention to details will increase your results. It is simple and does wonders to your workouts and progress over time.

You can take a few 10-15 sec highlight snippets, of any movement, to check your form, and see where you can make progress, then adjust your form next time you train. 

Here is the latest video I posted on our channel to improve something very important: ankle mobility. 

This will make your legs more mobile and improve your squat!

Watch it here. 

Have a good squat session later!

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