A Week of Calisthenics Training in Paradise


A Week of Calisthenics Training in Paradise

For many, vacations mean a break from routine – including workouts.

But what if your workout routine could be your vacation?

With calisthenics training, that's exactly what's possible!

This past week, I spent a blissful time in Maui with my wife, exploring the island's beauty while simultaneously maintaining my fitness regime using nothing but my own bodyweight and what was around me.

Calisthenics is your passport to fitness freedom.

Calisthenics training isn't just about sculpted muscles; it's about embracing the natural human way of movement.

Unlike gym-bound routines, calisthenics allows you to train anywhere, anytime.

This trip perfectly exemplified this freedom.

Snorkeling, swimming, and hiking undoubtedly kept us active, but I also incorporated dedicated calisthenics workouts to truly connect with the island's stunning scenery.

Imagine this: push-ups on the soft sand, handstands overlooking the turquoise ocean, or pull-ups from...

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Simple Full Body Beginner-Intermediate Calisthenics Workout

Simple Full Body Beginner-Intermediate Calisthenics Workout.

In this post I want to focus on a simple full body Calisthenics Workout for beginners and intermediates.

Here are three exercises that will make you feel more agile, stronger, faster, and overall enhance your "human" skills. 

Let's get started!

  •  Crawling: Crawling is an essential primal movement that we used to do as kids, and it's important to maintain that ability as adults to keep our mobility intact. Start by getting down on all fours and crawl forward. Keep your hips and chest low while maintaining a straight line from your shoulders to your feet. Avoid piking up or arching your back. Alternate bringing your knee to the corresponding elbow on each side. When crawling backward, maintain the same momentum and reverse the pattern. This exercise challenges your coordination, agility, and engages your core, triceps, and chest.

Go for 10 crawling (down and back), adjust distance depending on level. Minimum...

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Calisthenics Full Body Workout Challenge

full body workout tips Jul 12, 2023

Calisthenics Full Body Workout Challenge!

Today, we're diving into the exciting Summer Body Challenge.

We'll explore a range of great exercises to boost your cardio, lean out your physique, and build strong muscles. 

Let's kick things off with the ever-effective jump rope.

Whether you're a beginner or already a jump rope enthusiast, this exercise is a game-changer for cardiovascular fitness. I highly recommend mastering the technique to ensure optimal performance and consistency in your workouts. 

Here's a breakdown of the proper jump rope technique for those who are getting started:

  •  Keep your feet together, hands positioned low at hip level, shoulders relaxed, and abs engaged.
  •  Avoid jumping too high, as this can be counterproductive and waste energy. Beginners often make this mistake.
  •  Turn the rope using your wrists, not your shoulders. Keeping your shoulders down is key.
  •  For variation, try jumping side to side instead of always on both feet....
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3 Movements For a Full Body Calisthenics Workout. No Equipment.

3 Movements For a Full Body Calisthenics Workout. No Equipment.

Today, I want to discuss three great movements that provide simultaneous upper body and lower body action.

These exercises are not only good for cardio, mobility, coordination, and strength, but they also deliver a well-rounded workout when incorporated into your fitness routine.

Let's start with the spider push-up. It's a classic variation where you bring your knee to your elbow with each repetition, alternating legs each time. Here's how it's done: as you lower yourself down, bring your knee to your elbow, ensuring a strong connection. This engagement is crucial for maximum core activation. Keep your core tucked in and your shoulders protracted while performing the movement. Avoid arching your back or letting it sag. Keep your foot grounded firmly to maintain balance when lifting one leg. Remember to switch legs for every repetition. When viewed from the front, you should notice that your elbows remain close to your...

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The Hardest Calisthenics Workout I've Ever Done

full body workout tips Jul 09, 2023

The Hardest Calisthenics Workout I've Ever Done!

I am part of UNOG, the United Nations Of Gains.

This is a group of friends that stems from Venice Beach. 

It’s composed of many different people, from all origins, age and genders, all working towards the betterment of oneself through calisthenics.

Joining Unog comes with a hard task - completing the introductory challenge that demands pushing your physical and mental limits.

The challenge consists of a 6.5-mile sand run followed by 1220 repetitions of calisthenics exercises

I finally had a chance to do it on June 27. I finished the 6.5 miles sand run in 65 minutes and completed the full challenge (run + reps) in 4 hours.

To break it down, I had to complete the following exercises:

  •  20 muscle ups
  •  200 pull ups
  •  200 squats
  •  200 push ups
  •  200 dips
  •  200 medium band triceps extensions
  •  200 leg flutters

Facing this mountain of repetitions, I approached it...

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21 Calisthenics Exercises You Can Do Anywhere!

full body workout tips Jun 15, 2023

21 Calisthenics Exercises You Can Do Anywhere!

Let’s go over 21 different exercises you can do at the park or at home.

These drills don't require a pull up bar and are great for beginner and intermediate level.

All you need is a simple jump rope (for a cardio warm up) and a light resistance band.

Here is the workout summary with the time stamps.

1/ Jump rope - 6 Variations

-Classic jump with both legs and alternating legs on every jump

-One foot jump: jump with one foot only

-Heel to toe: on each jump tap your toe behind your and your heel in front of you on the next jump. Switch foot every other jump.

-Ins and outs: jump from a narrow stand to a wide stand on every other jump 

-Knee highs: bring your knee up on every jump

-Double unders: pass the rope twice under your feet on every jump.

I suggest aiming for about four minutes of jumping rope. If you're unable to do four minutes straight, you can break it down into four sets of one minute each. Alternatively, you...

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6 Beginner Movements To Start Calisthenics

6 Beginner Movements To Start Calisthenics!

Today, we're going to discuss the six main calisthenics movements for beginners. 

If you can't do a pull-up yet we have alternatives that you can work on and practice until you become strong enough to do them! 

Let's start with the Australian rows or inverted rows.

To perform this exercise, you'll need a low bar like a parallel bar or a pair of gymnastic rings if you don't have access to a low bar. You can also use a tree branch or any pole in the park. Ensure the bar or rings are low enough to mimic a lower bar. First and foremost, focus on your grip and grab the bar properly while keeping your wrists up. This is crucial for a proper pull-up form.

Next, you'll want to work on your body alignment. Create a hollow body position by tilting your pelvis, tucking your rib cage in, flexing your toes up, and staying on your heels. If you're unable to do this initially, you can keep your feet flat on the ground and bend your knees...

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6 Most Important Movements in Calisthenics

The 6 Most Important Movements in Calisthenics!

Today, I want to discuss the essential movements you need to do to when training calisthenics. 

Lately, I've been frequently asked about the best exercises for specific muscles or how to isolate and work on certain areas like the biceps or shoulders. These questions are more common in traditional bodybuilding and weightlifting, where muscle isolation is emphasized. However, in calisthenics, we focus on full-body workouts that engage multiple muscles and develop a chain of movements rather than isolating individual muscles.

The purpose of this post is to highlight the foundational movements that everyone should master with proper form before attempting more complex and advanced exercises. These foundational calisthenics movements serve as building blocks for more challenging skills and routines in the future. I'll be discussing the main movements that you should focus on before progressing to harder exercises.


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3 Calisthenics Movements For A Full Body Workout


3 Calisthenics Movements For A Full Body Workout!

Here are 3 movements for a great full body calisthenics workout.

They require no-equipment and each provide a full body workout. There are many benefits to using these moves.

One of them is to burn calories quicker, by using a larger amount of muscles.

So this can be the ultimate bodyweight workout, when you combine it with some pulling exercises.

These are movements suitable for any level, and great to learn mobility if your are starting calisthenics.

Get my full calisthenics course and online personal coaching here!

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21 Calisthenics Workout Moves To Train Outdoors


21 Calisthenics Workout Moves To Train Outdoors!

Here is a video to show you 21 different exercise variations to give you ideas you can use at the park or at home.

These drills don't require a pull up bar. All you need is a simple jump rope (for a cardio warm up) and a light resistance band.

Here is the video summary:

  1. Jump rope - 6 variations
  2. Push ups - 3 variations
  3. Leg work - 4 variations
  4. Band pulls - 2 variations
  5. Triceps extensions - 2 variations
  6. Core - 4 variations

Here is how to make your own beginner-intermediate calisthenics workout!

Let's go!

Get my full calisthenics course and online personal coaching here!

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