How Calisthenics Changes Your Body!

How calisthenics changes your body!

Discover Your Inner Strength!

Ever dream of a sculpted physique?

Imagine chiseled abs, rippling muscles, and the agility of a gymnast – all achieved without stepping foot in a gym.

Sounds impossible?

Think again!

Calisthenics training, harnessing your own bodyweight as resistance, unlocks this potential and redefines fitness on your terms.

Let’s dive deep into how calisthenics revolutionizes your body, both inside and out.

Building a Better You: The Strength Revolution
Forget bulky weights and intimidating machines. Calisthenics uses compound exercises, engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Pull-ups sculpt sculpted back and biceps, while push-ups build chest, shoulders, and triceps. Dips target triceps and chest, while squats and lunges strengthen powerful legs. This holistic approach builds functional strength, translating into everyday activities with ease. Lifting groceries? No sweat. Climbing stairs? A breeze.

Don't Forget...

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How To Grow Your Brain!


How To Grow Your Brain!

Have you ever wonder where will power comes from?

The Anterior Mid-Cingulate Cortex is a fancy name to describe a part of the brain that have been newly studied.

This could be an answer and one of the most fascinating news of the year.

New research shows that when people do something that they DON'T WANT TO DO, then that brain area gets bigger.

This applies to anything, not just fitness.

For example, that part of the brain is shown to be smaller in obese people. It then gets bigger when they diet.

That part of the cortex is also larger in people such as athletes and normal people who see themselves challenged and then overcome that challenge.

Last but not least, in people that live a very long time, that brain area keeps its size and does not shrink with time.

In a nutshell, scientists are starting to think of that part of the brain as the source of will power and maybe even the source of the will to live!

The key take out here is that doing things you don't...

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The Simple Recipe for Success in 2024

There are a few secrets that successful people use to live a healthy and wealthy life, despite the ups and downs, no matter what day it is!

Here are my 3 secrets to keep growing and progressing in 2024!

1. Progressively get rid of bad habits

That means, identifying and being aware of your own flaws, then pro-actively finding and implementing solutions to change them overtime.

For example:

  • If you are overeating at night, you can simply re-arrange your schedule around food during the day. That means eating a bigger and more nutritious breakfast, and eating dinner around 6-7pm. It's also important to prioritize fruits (apples, pineapple, berries) for late snacks.
  • If you train regularly and are not seeing muscle gains, make sure your training routine is adapted to your goals and focus on getting enough calories and protein through the day.
  • If you have bad posture or chronic pain, start doing 3-5 minutes of mobility work daily.   

2. Create or be consistent with your current...

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Stop Chasing Motivation (and what to do instead)

mindset Nov 22, 2023

Motivation is the most overrated thing in fitness.

Fake fitness gurus try to push that notion to fitness beginners, when it comes to training.

The problem is: IT DOES NOT WORK.

Motivation is short term. It’s a quick fix for dopamine release to feel good and positive about something for a short period to time.

If you are trying to lose fat for example, you might get motivated because you have a date, a wedding or a beach holiday coming up. But again, these reasons will fade away very quick. And you likely won’t have lasting results.

So instead of looking for perpetual motivation, I recommend you start looking for INSPIRATION instead.

These two words may seem similar but they are very different.

I see inspiration as the long fix for anything. Inspiration is LONG TERM. 

When we are kids, we are inspired by people! Kids want to be astronauts, musicians , or firefighters! These are long term goals that inspire them.

So next time you don’t feel motivated, look for...

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From Calisthenics Beginner To Advanced in 2.5 years!

mindset Oct 27, 2023

From Calisthenics Beginner To Advanced in 2.5 years!

I had the pleasure to chat with Antal last week.

He is a great example of the results you get when you follow the right program and method, with consistency.

We talked about how using the Online Calisthenics coaching program changed his life since 2021.

You can watch his workout transformation here.

He went from a complete calisthenics beginner to being able to achieve the muscle up and more.

Within 2.5 years!

In our interview, we talked about his favorite moves, the healthy foods he prioritizes and other practical habits that he now implements in his life to keep progressing.

He also shared some of his future goals and advices for those who want to get started like him!

Watch the full interview here!

Get all my calisthenics programs and personal online calisthenics coaching here!


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How To Be Motivated On A Monday?

mindset Oct 16, 2023

How To Be Motivated On A Monday?

The answer is simple: you don't need motivation!

While motivation is the golden ticket that everyone is looking for, the hard truth is that it does not exist.

So you can keep searching, but you are wasting your time.

Instead, look for inspiration!

This can come from anywhere: watching your favorite athlete train or play a game, observing animals and insects move with perfection, learning more about your favorite sport or workout system etc...

Pro athletes don't need motivation, healthy and fit people neither.

Their common treat is discipline. And ANYONE can build up to it.

Neuroscience shows that discipline creates motivation, not the other way around.

"Doing the thing" (discipline) will always beat "thinking about the thing" (motivation).

If you are brushing your teeth every day, it means you can build the habit of working out every day.

If you are a beginner, start at your own level, where you make every minute of your workout count and push a...

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How To Deal With Low Energy Days

mindset workout tips Oct 12, 2023

How To Deal With Low Energy Days

Those days come in cycle. Here is another tip I use when that happens.

I believe we create our own energy, and that it’s up to us to make the best of what we have.

The way I deal with lower energy days is by reducing the overall amount of reps I do during a workout, and focus on intensity exclusively.

I mean that I try to not let my "low energy feeling" days keep away from doing some type of explosive work along the way.

I'll reduce the volume and pair it with some lighter work.

In this last muscle up set I did, I did not have the gas for more that 3 proper reps.

So I focused on what I was able to do. I added straight bar dips reps and partial pulling reps as well as isometric holds to make the set as demanding as possible.

To recap here is a set you can repeat 3-10 times:

  • 3 Muscle ups
  • 5 Bar Dips
  • 3 Partial Pull Flies
  • 5 Second Deadhang

You can also mix this superset with other supersets. This method applies to any movement or set.


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From Calisthenics Beginner To The Muscle Up in 2 Years!

mindset results Oct 05, 2023

From Calisthenics Beginner To The Muscle Up in 2 Years!

One of my client has achieved his first MAJOR goal since 2021.

The mighty muscle up! 

Watch the progression video until the end!

He started at the very beginning, with the Online Calisthenics Level 0 workout program, and has made so much progress in 2 years.

He went from a complete beginner that could barely do 3 mediocre pull ups to achieve the all mighty muscle up, with very decent form, in 2 years!

Let's note that in the meantime, he also torn his ACL and meniscus playing soccer and we went through a few month of rehab training in 2022.

The key is to visualize your big goal and set every small steps that will lead you there.

Then stick to the plan, consistently.

Achieve ALL your calisthenics goals like Antal and get coaching here!

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Survival of The Fittest? Really?

mindset workout tips Aug 29, 2023

Survival of The Fittest? Really?

It’s bullsh*t.

In the real world, it’s the most adaptable that survive.

T-Rex are extinct while small rat-looking mammals that lived underground for thousands of years now dominate the world.

Insects and octopuses are adaptation masters which have been around for hundreds of millions of years.

The biggest guy does not always win when endurance come in play.

David beat Goliath.

Even Thanos loses at the end!

You get the point.

You have to be “agile” in the way you approach things in order to finish on top.

It’s great to be the fittest too, to have the perfect plan, with the perfect timing and nutrition intake that goes along with it. Last but not least perfect sleep.

However, it just does not really happen in real life, thus the need to adapt to the conditions we are facing at that exact moment.

We all have unexpected changes of situations that occur from time to time.

The key is to know how to handle those changes.


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You Don’t Need To Be 8% Body Fat

mindset workout tips Aug 25, 2023

You Don’t Need To Be 8% Body Fat

Getting big, diced and shredded is the most common goal for most people, wether when they are getting started with fitness or already on the workout train.

But it’s a very far off, sub-optimal and inefficient way to approach training.

My goals are multi-dimensional:

1 - Lean mass and muscle density improvement

If you are 10-15% body fat (for men) or 15-20% (for women), you are a healthy individual. And more likely to perform better at ANY sport than someone under the 8-10% mark. Make sure to focus on muscle density and a fast metabolism. Yes you want to be lean, no you don’t want to be malnourished. 

2- Performance based results

Your real-life capabilities – from sprinting to pull-ups, dips, and handstands – are an authentic reflection of your overall well-being. Mastering essential strength, athleticism, and skill-based activities showcases your true potential.

3 - Form and Mobility Enhancement

Aiming for...

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