From Calisthenics Beginner To The Muscle Up in 2 Years!

mindset results Oct 05, 2023

From Calisthenics Beginner To The Muscle Up in 2 Years!

One of my client has achieved his first MAJOR goal since 2021.

The mighty muscle up! 

Watch the progression video until the end!

He started at the very beginning, with the Online Calisthenics Level 0 workout program, and has made so much progress in 2 years.

He went from a complete beginner that could barely do 3 mediocre pull ups to achieve the all mighty muscle up, with very decent form, in 2 years!

Let's note that in the meantime, he also torn his ACL and meniscus playing soccer and we went through a few month of rehab training in 2022.

The key is to visualize your big goal and set every small steps that will lead you there.

Then stick to the plan, consistently.

Achieve ALL your calisthenics goals like Antal and get coaching here!

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From 3 to 8 Pull Ups In Less Than 3 Months!

pull ups results Oct 05, 2023

From 3 to 8 Pull Ups In Less Than 3 Months!

Pull ups are a staple calisthenics skill to master, before moving up to harder moves.

So if you are currently learning how to do do pull ups or how to get better at it, this is for you!

I started training Danielle less than 3 months ago. 

She could then do almost 3 pull ups. She can now do 8 pull ups!

The initial goal was simple: get better at pull ups. 

We set a goal to reach 10 by the end of the year. I think she can even get to 12.

Here is what we did during the last 3 months to more than double her pull ups:

  • Daily training with the Online Calisthenics Level 2 program
  • Scapular mobility, with an emphasis on shoulder blade shrugs for elevation, abduction and retraction.
  • Classic pull up sets
  • Band assisted pull ups
  • Isolated shoulder blade work with light bands and sticks, in all directions. 
  • Isometric holds at various angles in the pull up to strengthen the full range of motion.
  • Push up shrugs
  • Wrist conditioning drills...
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