Advanced Calisthenics Ab Workout: Push Your Limits, Master New Moves


Advanced Calisthenics Ab Workout.

Push Your Limits, Master New Moves!

Your core muscle group is at the foundation of all movements.

Indeed it’s role is not just to showcase a “six pack” but also to promote healthy hips, lower back, compression skills, good overall posture and more!

You are using your core all the time, whether you walk, run, climb, train or do any other sport.

So let’s dive into the most efficient way to train it: lifting your legs off the ground!

In this video I am doing advanced toes to bar.

There are also many other variations to start with!

You can also do that while sitting on the floor or using the support of 2 chairs if you are just getting started.

Go for 5-20 repetitions (depending on the difficulty of the exercise you pick) x 3-5 sets.

For more ab workout ideas, check out my 10 best...

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Have You Tried This Calisthenics Ab Workout?

core Sep 28, 2023

Have You Tried This Calisthenics Ab Workout?

If not, give it a shot

If yes, you already know it's a good one.

It might seem very hard if you are just getting started, so simply start from the floor if that's the case.

  • Sit on the floor
  • Slightly leaning back
  • Bring your knees up into a tuck position
  • Kick your legs up as high and straight as you can
  • You can start with single leg kicks to and alternate

If you are more advanced start with your body off the ground as shown in the video!

Go for 5-10 sets.

Hold and kick for as long as you can on each set.

Here are 10 more ab workouts you can add to your routine!

Breathe thoroughly!

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Simple But Hard Workout Circuit For Strong Abs

core Sep 27, 2023

Simple But Hard Workout Circuit For Strong Abs 

Less is more.

You might have heard it before, and this is very true.

It actually works when it comes to training your abs too.

You don't need any fancy equipment to build a strong core.

A rusty bench will do!

This short 1 minute circuit is a great way to build bullet proof abs.

  •  Leg kicks
  •  Straddle outs
  •  Hollow body holds
  •  V Ups
  •  Tuck holds

Repeat the circuit 3-5 times to feel an intense burn!

Here are also 3 exercises for core compression and extension to build abs of steel!

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How To Improve Your Front Lever

core front lever skills Sep 22, 2023

How To Improve Your Front Lever

The Front lever is one of the hardest move in calisthenics. 

It requires a very strong back and core, as well as good shoulder and hip mobility.

- One of the best way to train it is the advanced tuck hold.

Here are some pointers:

  • Squeeze your knees together
  • Point your toes
  • Don't let your hips fall
  • "Push" the bar away from you to keep it at your hip level
  • Breathe slow and steady

The goal is to hold that position for as long as you can and repeat for 5 sets.

- You can also combine the advanced tuck with full assisted holds using a resistance band. Wrap the band around the bar and place it around your feet and/or hips. 

Go for 5-10 sets of max holds with the band.

- You can also practice negative front lever reps where you come from the top hold then descend and try to hold when your body becomes parallel to the ground.

Here again go for 5-10 negative repetitions.

- Lastly spend some time training your dragon flag as a great accessory...

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The Missing Link: Easy Calisthenics To Burn Your Abs

core Aug 10, 2023

The Missing Link: Easy Calisthenics To Burn Your Abs!

Twisting is often the missing link when it comes to core training.

This very simple move is a great weapon to address that. It will fire your entire core and overall upper body.

The overhead portion is crucial part of the movement and helps to address most of the range of motion of the shoulder.

It fires the core, the back and the arms intensively.

I really like to to these with a resistance band but first let’s start with bodyweight variation.

And it’s very simple!

Stand strong in a semi-wide stance, brace your core, squeeze your glutes and tilt your pelvis back.

Keep both arms in the hanging position, along side you, but maintain a strong contraction with fists closed.

Then start driving your right hand to the upper left corner.

Drive the movement through your core and lats first, then your arm.

Finish the move with a full lat upward extension.

The goal is to try to reach as high as possible while being in the...

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Work On Your Sides

core Jul 31, 2023

Work on your "sides" for a strong core!

Use this calisthenics scissors core exercise, to target your obliques and transverse muscles.

The goal is to stand in the starting position of a dip, then lift your legs up straight one after another. With each leg you must bring it OVER the bar, then BELOW it, and bringing it back in the middle, without ever touching the bar.

If you can't do it yet, without touching, start by just lifting one leg over the bar and bring it back before it touches the metal.

Keep your legs straight, point your toes, avoid swinging. Keep the leg in the middle as immobile as possible while you are lifting the other leg above the bar.

Watch the video here!

Go for sets of 5+ repetitions per leg. You can perform 3 to 4 sets of this and mix it up with knee raises and static floor holds for a great core session.

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Train Your Abs Like Bruce Lee

core workout tips Jul 25, 2023

Train Your Abs Like Bruce Lee!

The dragon flag is the first cool looking calisthenics movement I practiced. 

It was made popular by Bruce Lee, and builds amazing core strength.

It’s the best movement to train for the front lever. 

You need to use your full body including core, lats, arms and legs to keep your feet off the ground. Also engage your lower back!

Here are some detailed pointers:

  • The goal is to lay on your shoulders and hold your legs in front of you. Avoid the common mistake of putting to much pressure on your neck. There should no pressure at all there. The weight is on the shoulder blades
  • From there lift your feet up at a 45 degree angle and hold your legs straight in the air. 
  • If you can’t hold your legs straight yet, start with the tuck version of the movement where you bring your knees to your chest. From there focus on extending your knees little by little.
  • If you are more advanced, then lower your feet as much as you can and hold it...
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Defy Physics: The Human Flag and its Ab-Sculpting Benefits

core human flag skills Jul 23, 2023

Defy Physics: The Human Flag and its Ab-Sculpting Benefits!

The Human Flag is a challenging calisthenics hold.

A full flag requires strong anti-rotation strength, which signals deep rooted and stable core muscles.

It also builds great physical, mental strength (patience, dedication, consistency) and mobility as we practice it.

Like handstands and other isometric poses, there are countless little things to adjust in order to hold a "clean" version of the humanflag. 

One of the most thing has to do with anti-rotation work during the hold, to prevent the hips and torso from pivoting upward. 

This bias naturally occurs since it is an "easier" way to hold the pose.

Here is a very simple and good way to train for anti-rotation to activate obliques and other useful muscle parts.

It’s called the “side way deadhang” hold from a high bar.

You would start in a normal dead hang, shrugged up (aka lats engaged) and straight legs, toes pointing down.

Hold the...

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Why You Should Flex Your Serratus Muscles

core workout tips Jul 21, 2023

Why You Should Flex Your Serratus Muscles!

Strong functional muscles play a major role in your overall progress, mobility and health.

A strong serratus muscle group is a key to thoracic mobility which turns into the ability to hold a proper hollow body position.

This will translate into good form in most calisthenics moves such as handstands, muscle ups, pull ups, push ups, dips, levers and more.

The muscle is divided into three named parts depending on their points of insertions: 

-the serratus anterior superior is inserted near the superior angle

-the serratus anterior intermediate is inserted along the medial border

-the serratus anterior inferior is inserted near the inferior angle.

All three parts described above pull the scapula forward around the thorax.  The muscle is an antagonist to the rhomboids. The inferior part can pull the lower end of the scapula laterally and forward and thus rotates the scapula to make...

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How To Target Your Lower Abs

core workout tips Jul 18, 2023

How To Target Your Lower Abs?

One of the most demanding exercise for your lower abs is the L-sit. 

The beauty of calisthenics is that you really don't need any equipment. It's great if you have rings, chairs, parallel bars, pull up bars, or parallettes.

Here is a list of the best equipment you can get to start training.

But you can also do it without anything, on the floor!

Let's dive into the details of mastering the L-sit.

  •  Knee Tuck Hold with Chairs: For an easier variation, use two chairs to support your hands and focus on lifting your knees up towards your chest while keeping your arms straight. If taking both feet off the floor is too challenging, alternate lifting one foot at a time until you build enough strength to do both together. Gradually, move your feet more in front of your body to simulate the L-sit position.

Go for 5-10 sec hold x 3-5 sets. Adjust as needed.

  •  Floor Leg hold: To work on leg extension and toe pointing, start with the...
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