My Favorite Calisthenics Ab Workout

My Favorite Calisthenics Ab Workout!

Let's make something clear: while abs are also made in the kitchen, you definitely must train them during your workouts!

Today I'm going over some of my favorite calisthenics ab workouts. 

They all involve leg lifting because they are the heaviest thing your abs can lift.

Lifting your legs triggers ALL ab layers, including the transverse (the deepest layer), rectus abdominis and transverse muscles.

Use the following routine to feel the burn:

Hanging knee raises

  • Don't swing while lifting your knees up and focus on the way down. This is actually the hard part.
  • Lift your knees to your chest or try to get there on every rep!
  • Use straight leg raises instead if you are advanced.
  • Go anywhere 10-20 reps x 3-5 sets.

Floor Holds and Flutter Kicks

  • Keep a strict form while holding your legs off the ground.
  • Do NOT bend your knees when performing the flutter kicks!
  • Mix vertical and horizontal flutter kicks.
  • Aim to perform 1+ minute hold and 100 flutter kicks.

Lsit or Lsit Reps

  • The Lsit is arguably the best core challenge there is.
  • Hold the Lsit for 10+ seconds.
  • Add 5-10 leg raises to the mix if you are advanced.

I personally use those movements all the time and they are staple movements of my programs.


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