Stronger Core, Stronger Legs: Calisthenics Leg Workout - Part 3


Ignite Your Core: Calisthenics Leg Workout - Part 3.

This is the final chapter in my calisthenics leg workout mini-series!

Here, we'll explore the powerful connection between your legs and core. Many people mistakenly view the core as an "upper body" concern, but the truth is, legs and core work in beautiful harmony.

Core Powers the Legs, Legs Strengthen the Core

Moving your legs effectively is a fantastic way to develop a strong core.

Conversely, building powerful and explosive legs relies heavily on a solid core foundation. This two-way street makes leg exercises even more beneficial for your entire body.

Let's delve into some of my favorite calisthenics exercises designed to build this crucial leg-core connection:

Explosive Power and Core Control:

  • Broad Jumps: These rank among my all-time favorites for leg power and explosiveness. Aim to jump as high and far as possible with each rep, controlling your landing. Avoid slamming your heels – strive for a mid-foot, controlled...
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The Quad Burner: Calisthenics Leg Workout for Explosive Power (Part 1)


The Quad Burner: Calisthenics Leg Workout for Explosive Power (Part 1).

Forget expensive gym memberships and bulky equipment – sculpting powerful quads is entirely achievable with your own bodyweight!

This is part one of my exciting calisthenics leg workout series, specifically designed to torch your quads and build explosive lower body strength.

Calisthenics training utilizes your bodyweight as resistance to build muscle and improve overall fitness. The beauty of this approach lies in its accessibility – you can perform these exercises anywhere, anytime. So, ditch the weights and get ready to engage your quads with these dynamic calisthenics exercises:

1. Reverse Nordics: Building Quads & Hip Flexor Strength

  • Benefits: Reverse nordics are a stellar exercise for isolating and strengthening your quads and hip flexors. This exercise challenges your lower body by mimicking the downward motion of a squat, placing emphasis on control and stability.
  • Execution: Kneel down...
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The Best Warm Up For Leg Workouts

lower body mobility Sep 18, 2023

Do this before every leg workouts!

That combination of movements addresses your entire lower body as well as some upper body.

This will greatly improve your leg workout results overtime!

  • The standing back bend stretch helps opening the shoulders, rib cage and hips.
  • Then down to foot and toes activation to make sure the big toe muscle chain is active and ready to push for a whole workout. Squatting on your toes also allows for full bent knee range of motion.
  • Moving on to hips, ankle and shoulders with the standing frog. This movement is a major tool to improve hip and shoulder mobility.
  • Side to side rotations are great to address thoracic spine mobility. You can do it both in a squat and lunge variations.

Go for 4-6 reps of each movement. You can repeat the sequence 1-3 times.

Get ALL my calisthenics programs, mobility routines and coaching here if you need more guidance!

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Easy Sprint Warm Up

cardio lower body Sep 06, 2023

Here Is An Easy Sprint Warm Up!

If you don’t want to end up in a wheelchair like Kevin Heart, use this simple drill before you go for a sprint!

Warming up your legs and hips is crucial before you sprint, to make sure all joints and muscle chains are ready for it.

My favorite drill to warm up for sprints is leg skipping combined with back pedaling.

This combo helps activating the hips, legs, knees and feet along with the hear rate.

Aim to lift your knees high when skipping and bring your heels up when performing the back pedal.

Repeat the sequence in the video for 3-5 sets.

Pair that with 5 minutes of hip and hamstring mobility work to begin your session.

Get ALL my calisthenics training programs and coaching here if you are new!

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Why You Need To Flex Your Ankles

lower body mobility Jul 21, 2023

Why You Need To Flex Your Ankles!

Flexing your ankles maters.

When you do a squat for example, "flexing your feet up" activates the whole posterior muscle chain in a very active and efficient way. It will help you fire your calves, hamstrings, glutes and back on each repetition.

Here is how to get started on better ankle dorsiflexion 

-Self myofascial release on the foam roller: Roll up and down your calf and Achilles’ tendon for 1 minute. Focus on tender spots for 15-20 sec when you hit some.

-Plantar muscle release: use a PVC or wood stick or ball to roll your feet. Step on it one foot at a time. Roll as needed. 

-Wall knee flexions: start in narrow lunge position with your front toes about 1 inch from the wall and aim to make contact with the wall with your knee while keeping your front heel anchored to the floor. 

If your front heel comes up then move your foot forward a bit and adjust the distance between your toes and the wall. If it feels to...

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Essential Lower Body Calisthenics Tips

lower body workout tips Jul 05, 2023

Essential Lower Body Calisthenics Workout Tips!

A few weeks ago, I posted an article about 2 essential things you can do to get a stronger body: warm up your wrists extensively, every day and constantly aim to get a strong false grip when working out.

Today we continue with a focus on 4 lower body adjustments you should make to get a stronger lower and overall body.

Let’s start with the pelvis.

The posterior pelvis tilt is of paramount importance. Let’s delve into the significance of the pelvis tilt in calisthenics training a majority of us suffer from an anterior pelvis tilt caused by excessive sitting. This tilt is often accompanied by a weak lower back, particularly the lumbar area. Prolonged periods of sitting and driving exacerbate this issue. Consequently, we must prioritize the practice of posterior pelvis tilt.

Whether you are performing pull-ups, push-ups a squat, or static holds, mastering the pelvis tilt is crucial. The objective is to learn how to...

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6 Calisthenics Legs Exercises To Boost Speed and Athleticism

lower body workout tips Jun 18, 2023

6 Calisthenics Legs Exercises To Boost Speed and Athleticism!

Today, we will discuss athletic leg workouts, which are crucial for enhancing speed and athleticism.

Do NOT neglect explosive movements, particularly when focusing on the legs.

Activating fast-twitch muscle fibers can provide significant benefits, amplifying the results of your efforts in the long run. Additionally, incorporating explosive exercises adds a cardio element to your routine, promoting overall progress and a stronger physique.

Let's break down some of the best calisthenics leg exercises to increase speed and enhance athleticism.

First, jump squats.

Start in a squat position with your hands in front of you and jump using your legs to propel yourself upwards while extending your arms behind you. Aim to achieve a straight body position in the air before landing with your hands in front of you, aiding balance and allowing for a deeper squat.  Jump up with your body fully off the ground,...

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How To Fix Your Squats With Simple Calisthenics

How To Fix Your Squats With Simple Calisthenics!

Today, we're diving into an important topic: how to fix your squat form. 

The answer is proper ankle mobility!

Often, our ankles lack the flexibility we need for effective squats, which can limit our range of motion and hinder our lower body exercises. 

But don't worry! I've got some simple drills that will increase your ankle mobility and enhance your overall squatting technique.

Let's start with ankle flexions against the wall. 

Stand about an inch or two away from the wall and bend/bring your knee towards it while keeping your heel firmly planted on the floor. Connect with the wall and repeat this movement for each leg. As you progress, gradually step away from the wall, creating more tension and challenging your ankle mobility. 

Do 5-8 reps per leg and hold the last one against the wall for 5-8 seconds.

Next up, we'll perform an assisted version of the previous exercise.

Grab your ankle and heel, firmly...

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5 Killer Calisthenics Leg Workouts

5 Killer Calisthenics Leg Workouts!

Today, we're going to discuss five killer calisthenics leg exercises and how to sequence them for a great workout.

Let's dive in!

Exercise 1: Switchblades

The first exercise we'll cover is called switchblades. I highly recommend mastering this one. Start in a low lunge position, keeping your stance close. Then, explode upward, aiming for maximum height. The goal is to get some airtime, allowing you to switch your legs mid-air, resembling running in the air. Return to the starting position. Maintain strict upper body posture and engage your core. This exercise works not just your legs but your entire body. Focus on maintaining tightness in your core and back. Give it a try, aiming for three to five reps per set. Alternate legs and practice until you perfect the movement. With time, you'll be able to perform more repetitions. Including this exercise in your leg workouts will enhance your speed, an essential factor for overall progress.

Exercise 2:...

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3 Moves for a Killer Calisthenics Leg Workout

3 Moves for a Killer Calisthenics Leg Workout!

You really don’t need much to get a great calisthenics workout.

Today we are going to focus on getting your legs on fire with calisthenics.

All you need is two resistance bands: a thin one and a slightly thicker one. 

1. Overhead squats

- How to do it:

  • Use the thicker band for this exercise.
  • Place the band under your feet and extend the band over your head as if you were holding a barbel.
  • Keep you pelvis tilted in, straight back and keep your hands up both on the way down and up.
  • Go slow on the down, fast on the way up!

- How to adjust difficulty:

  • You can use a thicker or thinner band to add or reduce the difficulty depending on your level.
  • Repeat 10+ reps x 3-5 sets.

Watch the video here.

2. Deadlifts

- How to do it:

  • Step on the band and grab each end.
  • Go slow on the way down, fast on the way up!
  • Keep your back straight on the way down.
  • Do not over reach forward with your hips when coming back up straight.
  • Control each...
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