6 Calisthenics Legs Exercises To Boost Speed and Athleticism

lower body workout tips Jun 18, 2023

6 Calisthenics Legs Exercises To Boost Speed and Athleticism!

Today, we will discuss athletic leg workouts, which are crucial for enhancing speed and athleticism.

Do NOT neglect explosive movements, particularly when focusing on the legs.

Activating fast-twitch muscle fibers can provide significant benefits, amplifying the results of your efforts in the long run. Additionally, incorporating explosive exercises adds a cardio element to your routine, promoting overall progress and a stronger physique.

Let's break down some of the best calisthenics leg exercises to increase speed and enhance athleticism.

First, jump squats.

Start in a squat position with your hands in front of you and jump using your legs to propel yourself upwards while extending your arms behind you. Aim to achieve a straight body position in the air before landing with your hands in front of you, aiding balance and allowing for a deeper squat.  Jump up with your body fully off the ground, maintaining a tall posture, and tilting your pelvis to keep your body straight. Keep your feet pointed down, hands behind you, and strive for a clean landing, utilizing the strength of your toes. Repeat the pattern, ensuring controlled movements throughout.

Next, let's discuss a variation of the jump squat called squat to toes. This exercise focuses on proper squatting technique and elevating on your toes at the end of the squat. It helps increase the range of motion and prepares you for jump squats. You can even combine jump squats and squat to toes for a more comprehensive workout. Remember to connect your hands to your legs throughout the exercise.

Moving on to frog jumps, this exercise engages your entire body but primarily emphasizes the lower body. Frog jumps involve propelling yourself forward while maintaining a jump-like motion. The objective is to jump as far forward as possible while still achieving sufficient height. Land with control and continue the movement. Throughout the exercise, you'll feel activation in your back, core, and arms. While not primarily an arm workout, they are still engaged during the exercise. Pay attention to landing cleanly and focus on elongating your body during each jump.

Bunny hops are a variation of frog jumps, emphasizing the connection between your hands and legs. This consists in doing a frog jumps with your hands on your thighs. This means you can’t use your arms to swing forward like you would do in a frog jump. Maintain this connection as you squat and extend in the jump. Rather than focusing on a wide jump, prioritize getting height in your jump. This exercise enhances mobility and provides a cardio component.

Now, let's delve into frog leaps, which require coordination between your upper and lower body. The goal is to jump starting in a squat, leaning forward and propelling yourself forward, then landing on your hands in a push up position. Return to a squat position, repeating the movement. This exercise complements pushing exercises, such as handstand push-ups or dynamic push-ups, by engaging your upper body as well. Focus on maintaining proper form throughout.

Finally to work on explosivity, coordination, and shoulder strength, incorporate double unders with a jump rope into your routine. Double unders involve rotating the rope twice during each jump. This exercise also serves as an excellent cardio workout and engages your legs explosively. If you're still working on mastering double unders, regular jump roping is also effective in boosting your cardio and leg strength.

Remember, you can structure your workout using timed intervals rather than counting reps. For example, allocate one minute for each exercise and repeat the cycle three to four times. Adjust the duration based on your fitness level. 

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