6 Months Calisthenics Muscle Up Progression

muscle up upper body Nov 03, 2023

Step by step 6 Months Calisthenics Muscle Up Progression!

  • Have you tried to do a muscle up before but can't really do it?
  • Are you working on getting your first proper muscle up?
  • Do you have the muscle up as a goal in the future?

If the answer is yes to some or all of the above, this video will show you the step by step actions to take in order to get what you want:

  • Start practicing with a lower bar
  • Jump on the bar and do negative repetitions if needed
  • Use a good false grip on every repetition
  • Train a lot of single bar dips and pull ups
  • Transition to a higher bar when comfortable on the lower bar
  • Use bands to practice
  • Improve form and volume overtime

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