Calisthenics Training With Online Clients In Real Life!

Calisthenics Training With Online Clients In Real Life!

I was thrilled to get the opportunity to meet my online client Antal from Toronto, in real life! 

He was a beginner and signed up for the Online Personal Coaching Program back in 2020-2021.

He made tremendous progress during that time.

He went from calisthenics beginner to training for the muscle up in 1 year!

Watch his full 2 year calisthenics transformation here!

So training with him in person last week was a really great time. It was an opportunity to exchange more tips and tricks, answers questions, and workout together. 

We did about 300 reps total in 1 hour, and completed a full body workout as follow:

  Hanging shrugs and Chin ups

  Incline push ups and box dips

  Squats and long lunges

  T-pose holds

  Hanging knee raises

  Hollow body holds

We then got a great sushi lunch by the Marina.

Really cool times.


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7 Years Calisthenics Transformation


7 Years Calisthenics Transformation!

In the end, what I do is teach a METHOD and a MINDSET.

Progress is a process.

And Jared is one of the greatest example of that.

He's one of the first person I started training when I moved to L.A. in 2015.

He went from a complete calisthenics beginner to a beast.

He now pairs his calisthenics work with other sports like Ju-Jitsu.

Most importantly he knows how to keep going.

Jared makes me proud when I see his amazing progress over the last 7 years!

Start your Free calisthenics beginner workout here!

And get online calisthenics personal coaching here!

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Get Unstuck, Get Results!


Check out my mate David who sent me this video the other day!

Do you find that you reach certain limitations in your movements like push ups or pull ups?

Are you able to perform good form, full-range-of-motion movements?

It pains me to see so many people with bad form. That’s what happened with David.

Like many, he spent months and months training, yet still not being able to get good form on foundation movements like push ups and pull ups. But things are going to be different for you! 

Here’s why people do not have good form: they don’t always know about bio-mechanics, and how to use their muscles and joints in the best way. 

Since everyone “does” push ups, people think they all know how to do it. Simple, right?

Instead of assuming, they need to understand the movements they are doing and pay attention to details.

When you figure that out, you can quickly get to the root of that limitation and eradicate it.  

Here are 3 reasons...

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The 3 Surprising Things That Keep You Fat

The 3 Surprising Things That Keep You Fat!

The fitness world is full of tricks and programs to help you lose weight. 

They all promise amazing results in 4 weeks and lots of people fall into  those traps.

Meanwhile, there are very simple things you can all do in order to get leaner and stronger all year round.

This starts by avoiding these 3 mistakes:

1/ Thinking you can outwork a bad diet

A full day of calorie allocation goes roughly like the following when you workout:

- 80% goes to your daily physiological needs and vital functions. Think of things like making your heart beat, breathing, brain activity etc. There is an optimum amount of calories needed for that. 

- 20% goes to your workout efforts (what most people call "burning fat")

 So no matter what your workout is and how intense it is, you will only burn around 20% of the calories you intake that day and anything on top of the vital 80% remaining calories will be stored as fat.

Here is an easy...

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Real Calisthenics Transformations!

Real Calisthenics Transformations!

I did the math...and it works. I had NEVER (until now) posted before/after pictures of any of my clients.

BUT I came to the realization that the market makes it a BIG DEAL, in the days of 5 SECOND maximum attention. 

IF you don't have those pictures, as a fitness professional, people just scroll through your content and give you a pass. 

I even ran ads with the before/after ALONG other types of ads. You would have guessed than the before/after does better. 

HERE are 3 different TRANSFORMATIONS, from people using the Online Calisthenics method: holistic wellness mindset, bodyweight training only, no equipment, no supplements.

I just used photos sent to me voluntarily (without my asking) by 2 different clients who have transformed their lives and bodies with the Online Calisthenics method.  

Since I always lead by example, I included my own transformation as well.

You can check out the 3 before/after pictures here.

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