Real Calisthenics Transformations!

Uncategorized Nov 18, 2020

I did the math...and it works. I had NEVER (until now) posted before/after pictures of any of my clients.

BUT I came to the realization that the market makes it a BIG DEAL, in the days of 5 SECOND maximum attention. 

 IF you don't have those pictures, as a fitness professional, people just scroll through your content and give you a pass. 

I even ran ads with the before/after ALONG other types of ads. You would have guessed than the before/after does better. 

HERE are 3 different TRANSFORMATIONS, from people using the Online Calisthenics method: holistic wellness mindset, bodyweight training only, no equipment, no supplements.

I just used photos sent to me voluntarily (without my asking) by 2 different clients who have transformed their lives and bodies with the Online Calisthenics method.  

Since I always lead by example, I included my own transformation as well.

You can check out the 3 before/after pictures here.

This includes:

•Myself: Evolution 1999 - 2019. 39 YRS on the picture.

•Giovanni: Evolution May - July 2020. 27 YRS on the picture.

•Jared: Evolution June - Nov 2014. 22 YRS on the picture.


HIGH INTENSITY, PROPER MOVEMENT, and MINDSET are the secret answers. How your body evolves in space is literally what matters the most at the end. Focus on how you move, as well as the duration, and the intensity.


THE BENEFITS OF CALISTHENICS are a game changer. It builds solid lean muscle, is extremely efficient at burning fat, improves body awareness and agility, increases speed and stamina, strengthens soft tissue and joints, reduces chronic pain (neck, shoulders, lower back), and improves overall posture and lifestyle.


No matter what your current fitness level or age is, you can do it!

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