The Secret Workout For Better Handstands!

handstand skills Oct 10, 2023

The Secret To Better Handstands?

The handstand is a journey!

No matter what your current level is, there is always something to learn and improve.

This video is great for handstand beginners and intermediate level.

Do the following exercises to improve your handstand:

- Shoulder mobility drills (overhead and lateral) x 1 min x 3 sets

- Tuck jumps x 5 x 3-5 sets

- Clean pike lean and hold x 10-15 sec x 3-5 sets

- Donkey kicks x 5 x 3-5 sets

Make sure to warm up your wrists thoroughly before each handstand session and do NOT over train it if you feel your wrists getting tender or sore. 

Switch to another body part to finish your training session, rest your wrists for 1-2 days and go at it again!

Here are more handstand exercises you can do to take your hand balance to the next level!

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I Don’t Handstand As Much These Days

handstand skills Aug 24, 2023

I don’t handstand as much these days. 

I still do weekly. 

But I HAD to scale back in order to shift my focus to shoulder and overall mobility for the last few years.

I worked on my shoulders, my mid back, and my hips.

My workouts include 80% of compound movements and 20% of accessories and skills training.

And it is paying off. 

I am restarting moves like the handstand, muscle ups, playing tennis and paddle tennis without any pain, even minor, in my right shoulder. 

Both shoulders feel more balanced, even if there is still a long way to go.

The point is that adaptation is key in training. 

You always HAVE to adapt to the conditions you are in and find ways to improve and break plateaus.

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How To Know if Your Handstand is Straight

handstand skills Jul 26, 2023

How To Know if Your Handstand is Straight?

It is sometimes tricky to know if we are straight when being upside down.

Using a wall or bar is a great way to use support to train hip and shoulder extension. 

Here are a few pointers:

  • Sit against the wall and check where your feet are. This is where you will place your hands for the exercise. 
  • Face and "walk" the wall until your legs are parallel to the floor.
  • Extend rib cage through an external shoulder rotation and bring one leg up while pressing the other to the wall.
  • It should feel as if the rib cage is extending (use the full serratus muscle group, anterior and posterior) while the pelvis is tucked back and hips are "pulling" the legs up with pointed toes.
  • Aim for a 90 degree angle between both legs and try to hold for 5-10 sec each leg. Repeat cycle 3 to 5 times.

Focus on “feeling” the alignment while holding. This will build body and spatial awareness as you practice.

Then use this feeling while...

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My 30 Second Calisthenics Challenge To You!

My 30 Second Calisthenics Challenge To You!

Practicing a skill requires setting clear goals that you can visualize.

This is what the goal was for me when I started practicing handstands: holding a simple straight line for 30 seconds.

So here is my challenge to you: hold whatever handstand variation you want for 30 seconds!

It can be assisted on the wall or even a simple elevated pike hold (hint: this is how you start building shoulder strength and muscle endurance).

Make sure to keep your scapula retracted, "squeezed" together enough, so that your shoulders don't round and "fall forward".

Click to watch the 30 second handstand video!


PS: Tag me @onlinecalisthenics in your videos so I can check it out!

PS 2: Join the movement here if you are new!

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How To Fix Your Handstand?


How To Fix Your Handstand?

If you've ever tried to do a handstand, you know it's not as easy as it looks!

This goes especially when trying to avoid the infamous "Banana" handstand, where the back is arching to compensate for lack of technique.  

You will often see people trying to stay on their hands while balancing their legs and feet up, as they try to find balance to stay still.  

In today's video I'm going to show you 3 moves to fix your handstand if that's your case.  

This also works if you are a beginner starting to learn proper handstand form. 

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How To Get Better At Handstand


How To Get Better At Handstand?

The handstand is an amazing skill to practice.

It's a great tool to increase your physical strength and balance. It is also great for the mind as it teaches us a way to meditate.

I released a Special 2 Week Handstand Program on the platform.

So members, go ahead, check in your course library and dive right in! Start implementing the program to build a solid handstand. You can log in here.

Here is also a video to show you how to get better at it in the meantime.

I go over 3 great exercises that you can do anywhere.

These will help you get a straight line while you are upside down, get better shoulder alignment and more flexible hips.

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