Calisthenics Training With Online Clients In Real Life!

Calisthenics Training With Online Clients In Real Life!

I was thrilled to get the opportunity to meet my online client Antal from Toronto, in real life! 

He was a beginner and signed up for the Online Personal Coaching Program back in 2020-2021.

He made tremendous progress during that time.

He went from calisthenics beginner to training for the muscle up in 1 year!

Watch his full 2 year calisthenics transformation here!

So training with him in person last week was a really great time. It was an opportunity to exchange more tips and tricks, answers questions, and workout together. 

We did about 300 reps total in 1 hour, and completed a full body workout as follow:

  Hanging shrugs and Chin ups

  Incline push ups and box dips

  Squats and long lunges

  T-pose holds

  Hanging knee raises

  Hollow body holds

We then got a great sushi lunch by the Marina.

Really cool times.

It’s always great to train in person, it's what I love, and hope to workout with you when you are in Los Angeles!

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