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Uncategorized Apr 07, 2022

Do you find that you reach certain limitations in your movements like push ups or pull ups?

Are you able to perform good form, full-range-of-motion movements?

It pains me to see so many people with bad form. That’s what happened with David.

Like many, he spent months and months training, yet still not being able to get good form on foundation movements like push ups and pull ups. But things are going to be different for you! 


Here’s why people do not have good form: they don’t always know about bio-mechanics, and how to use their muscles and joints in the best way. 

Since everyone “does” push ups, people think they all know how to do it. Simple, right?

Instead of assuming, they need to understand the movements they are doing and pay attention to details.

When you figure that out, you can quickly get to the root of that limitation and eradicate it.  

Here are 3 reasons why the online calisthenics course is the best way to achieve your goals, with proper form:  

  •   The progression: all our Online Calisthenics programs offer regressions and progressions. Starting with scaled down movements will help you get down to the details.
  •   The understanding of the need for mobility : the necessity of flexibility and proper strength work are a pre requisite to any good training and good form. Being flexible will make you incredibly much stronger.  
  •   The mindset and long term thinking: Being lean, muscular, and developing skills is a constant, positive effort to be made. You don’t “just become” fit no matter what program you follow. I give all my community honest and straight forward advices. Some people are just not strong enough for proper form and need to work with regression movements. You will learn how to build a strong mindset and see details that matters “outside of fitness” with my online course.  Learn to be fit and lean, while enjoying life and desserts.

Mind-blowing, right?

I can help you with this!

Over the past 8 years I have helped 1000’s of members in my community with my method and classes.

 All you have to do now is sign up for my online calisthenics course.

I will help you get get lean and strong for a lifetime.

Check out my mate David who sent me this video the other day!




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