How To Target Your Lower Abs

core workout tips Jul 18, 2023

How To Target Your Lower Abs?

One of the most demanding exercise for your lower abs is the L-sit. 

The beauty of calisthenics is that you really don't need any equipment. It's great if you have rings, chairs, parallel bars, pull up bars, or parallettes.

Here is a list of the best equipment you can get to start training.

But you can also do it without anything, on the floor!

Let's dive into the details of mastering the L-sit.

  •  Knee Tuck Hold with Chairs: For an easier variation, use two chairs to support your hands and focus on lifting your knees up towards your chest while keeping your arms straight. If taking both feet off the floor is too challenging, alternate lifting one foot at a time until you build enough strength to do both together. Gradually, move your feet more in front of your body to simulate the L-sit position.

Go for 5-10 sec hold x 3-5 sets. Adjust as needed.

  •  Floor Leg hold: To work on leg extension and toe pointing, start with the “floor L-sit”. Get in a seated position where your legs are extended straight in front of you, forming a 90 degree hip angle with your back. From there lean back slightly, and lift your legs a few inches off the floor. Then hold that position, keep your pelvis tilted back and maintain a straight back. Remember to keep your back straight, shoulders open. Remember to squeeze your legs together. This exercise establishes a strong connection between your upper and lower body, which is crucial for a full L-sit.
  • To progress towards a parallel bar L-sit, you can elevate yourself with yoga blocks on the "floor L-sit" while maintaining the seated position. Work on lifting one leg at a time and hold it, until you can raise both legs off the ground and hold them togetehr. This gradual progression will build your strength and technique.

Go for 5-10 sec hold x 3-5 sets. Adjust as needed.

  •  Full L-Sit: the full L-sit, which can be done on rings, chairs, parallel bars, pull up bars, on the floor or parallettes. Raise your legs up in front of you to form a 90 degree angle from head to toes. Keep your core and hip flexors activated, and hold the position. Pay close attention to these following  elements: first, ensure your shoulders are externally rotated, pushing them outward and down to maintain stability. Activate your core, tilt your pelvis back to lift your legs, point your toes. This comprehensive engagement from shoulders to toes is vital for a strong L-sit.

Go for 5-10 sec hold x 3-5 sets.Adjust as needed.

The L-sit is a staple calisthenics skills. There are other great movements to complement and improve your L-sit  like knee raises, leg raises, lateral raises and mobility work!

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