Best Calisthenics Equipment For Beginners

workout tips Jul 18, 2023

Best Calisthenics Equipment For Beginners!

Here is the best calisthenics equipment for bodyweight training.

While you can start calisthenics with nothing but your body, having some cool pieces of equipment can enhance your training and make it more efficient.

  •  Pull-Up Bar: A must-have is a pull-up bar. If you can't access a park or it's raining, consider getting a doorway pull-up bar. Get one that comes with pads to protect your doorway.
  •  Resistance Bands: These are versatile and useful for both beginners and advanced athletes. They can assist you in pull-ups or make movements like dips and push-ups more challenging.
  •  Parallettes: I recommend parallettes that elevate you off the ground, offering good range of motion. They are perfect for practicing push-ups, pike push-ups, and L-sits. They are various size and length. I recommend the small or medium size parallettes.
  •  Dip Station: Composed of two bars connected to prevent wobbling, the dip station is excellent for dips, front levers, and rows.
  •  Jump Rope: A basic jump rope is affordable and suitable for beginners. If you want more speed, consider getting a speed rope once you're more advanced.
  •  Gymnastic Rings: Not for beginners, gymnastic rings add challenge and improve proprioception. They make everything harder compared to a static bar and are excellent for pulling, pushing, and static holds.
  •  Weight Vest: For advanced athletes, weighted calisthenics can take your progress to the next level. I recommend a weight vest with about 40 pounds, but you can start with 30 pounds if you prefer.

You can find all of this equipment here.

Keep in mind that you are the most important part of any equipment you can ever get!

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