Work On Your Sides

core Jul 31, 2023

Work on your "sides" for a strong core!

Use this calisthenics scissors core exercise, to target your obliques and transverse muscles.

The goal is to stand in the starting position of a dip, then lift your legs up straight one after another. With each leg you must bring it OVER the bar, then BELOW it, and bringing it back in the middle, without ever touching the bar.

If you can't do it yet, without touching, start by just lifting one leg over the bar and bring it back before it touches the metal.

Keep your legs straight, point your toes, avoid swinging. Keep the leg in the middle as immobile as possible while you are lifting the other leg above the bar.

Watch the video here!

Go for sets of 5+ repetitions per leg. You can perform 3 to 4 sets of this and mix it up with knee raises and static floor holds for a great core session.

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