Train Your Abs Like Bruce Lee

core workout tips Jul 25, 2023

Train Your Abs Like Bruce Lee!

The dragon flag is the first cool looking calisthenics movement I practiced. 

It was made popular by Bruce Lee, and builds amazing core strength.

It’s the best movement to train for the front lever. 

You need to use your full body including core, lats, arms and legs to keep your feet off the ground. Also engage your lower back!

Here are some detailed pointers:

  • The goal is to lay on your shoulders and hold your legs in front of you. Avoid the common mistake of putting to much pressure on your neck. There should no pressure at all there. The weight is on the shoulder blades
  • From there lift your feet up at a 45 degree angle and hold your legs straight in the air. 
  • If you can’t hold your legs straight yet, start with the tuck version of the movement where you bring your knees to your chest. From there focus on extending your knees little by little.
  • If you are more advanced, then lower your feet as much as you can and hold it above the ground.
  • To make it even harder you can combine holds and reps where you bring the hold up then down etc…
  • One last tip if you are advanced is to start lifting your whole body straight from the ground instead of coming down in a negative.

Practice dragon flags until you become great at it!

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