The Missing Link: Easy Calisthenics To Burn Your Abs

core Aug 10, 2023

The Missing Link: Easy Calisthenics To Burn Your Abs!

Twisting is often the missing link when it comes to core training.

This very simple move is a great weapon to address that. It will fire your entire core and overall upper body.

The overhead portion is crucial part of the movement and helps to address most of the range of motion of the shoulder.

It fires the core, the back and the arms intensively.

I really like to to these with a resistance band but first let’s start with bodyweight variation.

And it’s very simple!

Stand strong in a semi-wide stance, brace your core, squeeze your glutes and tilt your pelvis back.

Keep both arms in the hanging position, along side you, but maintain a strong contraction with fists closed.

Then start driving your right hand to the upper left corner.

Drive the movement through your core and lats first, then your arm.

Finish the move with a full lat upward extension.

The goal is to try to reach as high as possible while being in the core twist position.

Repeat that for 20 reps x 5+ sets.

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