3 Calisthenics Moves for Bullet Proof Core and Shoulders

core push ups Jul 15, 2023

3 Calisthenics Moves for Bullet Proof Core and Shoulders!

Let’s discuss three intermediate to advanced calisthenics exercises to develop strong shoulders and a bulletproof core. 

Let's dive in!

  •  Dive Bomb Push-ups: This exercise starts with a pike push-up where you then “dive” into a low plank position and back. In details you need to begin in a pike position with your pelvis tilted back, staying on your toes. Lean your shoulders slightly forward over your hands, engaging your shoulders and creating tension. Slowly lower yourself to the floor, bringing your hands to your hips for a full range of motion. Avoid arching your body at the end of the movement to maintain core tension. Press back up to the starting position, keeping a straight back throughout. This exercise is rather advanced and challenges your entire upper body and core.

Go for 3-5 reps x 3-5 sets

  •  Shoulder Forward Lean: This exercise is a variation of a plank performed on your elbows, where you lean further forward than in a normal plank. The difference is that in a normal plank your forearm are parallel to your body with elbows point behind you, but in this vibration your forearms are PERPENDICULAR to your body with your elbows pointing out to the sides. From there start leaning forward and activating your shoulders. This will create a lot of tension so gauge how far forward you can go and lean back. Going back and forth is one repetition. Do a set with your right arm in front, then switch with left arm forward for the second setand repeat. Maintaining a hollow posture throughout the isometric hold creates intense tension in your entire core and reinforces shoulder strength. This exercise benefits advanced movements like handstands and planches.

Go for 5-10 reps x 4-6 sets

  •  Ab Roll Out: For this exercise, you can use a skateboard as an alternative to an ab wheel. Stand on your feet in a pike hold position or kneel down or you knees for an easier alternative. Slide forward and extend your arms as much as possible, focusing on overhead extensions. Then come back to your initial position. This exercise complements the previous two by activating your shoulders and core in a different pattern. Keep your heel square to the floor and minimize arching your back. Counter this by tilting your pelvis back and maintaining core engagement. Do not let your back arch during the movement. Hold at the bottom for a few seconds on the last repetition for added tension and challenge.

Go for 5-10 reps (depending on which variation you choose) x 3-5 sets

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