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Uncategorized Apr 07, 2022

I used to be quite disorganized when trying to figure out how to get strong and lean on a daily basis. Not anymore! 

Today, I follow an embarrassingly simple 3-step process to workout and stay lean all year round. I spent months trying to tweak this process because I knew that I will be repeating it hundreds of times to come. 

Here’s the 3-step process that I make sure to follow now!

A good routine every coach should have is a solid routine to follow when it comes to building muscle, staying lean and improving skills all year round. 

Over time, having a streamlined process to do that will benefit you tremendously: 

  •    You will stay lean and strong all year long
  •    You will build the mindset for the long term journey
  •    You won’t have to worry about magical ab workouts and diets.

Let’s break things down. 

Here are 3 things you should do to get year long results: 


Start with a BIG full glass of water straight out of bed.

Include large amounts of protein and good carbs. Think of things like cooked oats, sourdough bread, rice, eggs, all veggies, all fruits.

Pair that with a large cup of fresh black coffee or organic tea.


The ONLY way to get results is to actually train every day. This doesn’t mean either training the same way everyday.

No matter what, do something. I call it the “300 reps method”. Do 300 repetitions of mixed, antagonist, calisthenics compound movements.

If you can’t complete 300 (the ideal target), aim for a 100 minimum.

Get 1 day of active recovery as a rest day, every week (handstands, breathing, stretching).


I have been stretching before bed every day for the last 15 years.

The benefits are endless, with the first one being that you will fall asleep within less than 5 minutes.

So build a 5 min routine and do it right after brushing your teeth.


Make sure to address your hips, hamstrings, shoulders, and wrists.

There are still other things you need to take note of and you can find out what it is in the ebook library when you sign up for the online course.

Click here to sign up for your online calisthenics trial!

I hope you like this free checklist to start crushing your daily goals! 


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