Explosive Push Ups Calisthenics Tutorial

Explosive Push Ups Calisthenics Tutorial.

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite calisthenics move: the explosive push-up. 

If you're already a push-up master, it's time to take it up a notch by jumping off the ground for part of the push ups.

Here are 4 progressive explosive push ups yo can train:

  •  Clap Push-Ups: Do a push up starting in a plank position, protracting your shoulders to the max, and focus on a full range of motion. Lift your hands off the ground and clap your hands at the top of the move and control the descent. Engage your scapula by shrugging them/squeezing them together after landing on the way down to protect your elbows.
  •  Chest Clap Push-Ups: These are a bit harder. It requires you to engage your core, take your hands off the ground at the top of the move and clap your hands quickly on your chest then land as soft as possible. Focus on engaging your core in a hollow body, to provide enough air time for the clap.
  •  X Push-Ups: Spread your feet apart and have your hands asymmetrical, with one slightly above the other. Lift everything off the ground on each jump (feet and hands), switching your hands each time. Engage your core to lift your legs off the ground as well.
  •  Superman Push-Ups: Start in a normal plank position, get low to the ground for a full range of motion, and press through your hands, core, and feet to elevate your body. In the air, extend your hands over your head as if you were flying like superman. Focus on achieving overhead and lat extension at the top. Land with your hands under your chest to protect your shoulders.

Take your time and progress gradually, starting with the easier variations before attempting the Superman push-ups. Remember to engage your core, scapula, and legs throughout the movements and control the landing!

We have plenty of workouts, step-by-step progressions from beginner to advanced, and various skills to master along the way. 

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