How To Get Bullet Proof Shoulders with Calisthenics

The Most Efficient Calisthenics Training Patterns!

The best shoulder exercise that you are (most likely) not doing is the “Skin the cat”.

While this may look fairly easy if you have done this as a kid, the skin the cat is not as simple as it looks. 

Let’s dive into some details and how to perform it properly:

1 - Set a good semi-false grip 1-2 inches wider that shoulder width. The more narrow the harder it gets.

2 - Shrug up and “push the bar” in front of you, while tucking your legs up and under the bar

3 - Once your feet are under the bar, keep your knees tucked in as you start the descent

4 - Control the descent with your shoulders and make sure to go slow

5 - External rotate your shoulders as you start reaching the bottom of the move

6 - Keep your pelvis tilted back the whole time

7 - Hang at the bottom of the move for as long as you can, making sure to point your toes to the ground, your core tight and pelvis still tilted back

8 - Don’t forget to exhale slowly as you move and hold

9 - Let go off the bar once you can’t hold anymore (watch your landing!)

10 - Repeat for 3-5 sets and improve your hang time little by little

Watch the video here!

This movement is a game changer and will forever improve your shoulders strength and mobility.

If you can’t perform the full skin the cat yet, start with stick exercises like the shoulder dislocates and start practicing the skin the cat on a low parallel bar with your knees on the ground.

Work your way up to a higher bar along the way!

Let’s go!


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