How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone With Calisthenics

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2022

Let's chat about how to get out of your comfort zone and be successful with your workouts!

Wether you are just getting started with calisthenics or already are an advanced athlete or been lifting for a long time, you will find ideas to work on, to break out of your comfort zone and make progress! 

Here are some ideas and case scenario that may resonate with you:

  1. You are a beginner/not active
  2. You started calisthenics and now have been reaching plateaus
  3. You lift weights and now need new goals
  4. You are an advanced calisthenics athlete
  5. You eat well but its getting boring with white rice and chicken breast
  6. You are very active but need some creative balance in life

Now is always the best time to start!

Let's go!


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