How To Nail You Dream Move With Calisthenics!

online calisthenics Nov 13, 2022

I’m excited to be part of the Invert, Bend and Balance symposium with Andrea Plancarte!

There are more than 20 experts involved in this great online event.

It's for all for aerialists, hand-balancers and pole dancers.

I can’t wait to share with you How Calisthenics Will Boost Your Upper Body Strength and Your Aerial / Pole Skills.

During the interview, we’ll talk about:

* What’s calisthenics, the importance of push ups and pull ups movements

* Their massive benefits to pole dancers and aerialists

* What’s proper technique for both pushing and pulling

* How to implement calisthenics in your workout and scale it to your level, to get the best results

The interview goes live tomorrow Monday November 14th.

Get your FREE spot at the link below!

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