How To Train Calisthenics "On The Go": 3 Day Workout Program

online calisthenics Apr 27, 2022

Traveling to get some good time off, we all love that!

However most people also fall off their good habits when doing so. Some lose their healthy rhythm, trading it for more drinks, less exercises and less sleep.

We’ve all been there. 

So here is a great, 3 day full body calisthenics workout program. 

You can do anywhere, with minimal or no equipment at all.

Day 1: Push-Legs-Core

  • Push ups 10 to 1 (hold every last rep at the bottom with pelvis tilted in). Hold every last rep at the bottom.
  • Squats 1 to 10 + hold every last rep for 5 sec
  • Superset push and squat: 10 push up/1 squat - 9 push/2 squats - 8 push/3 squats etc...
  • Hollow body hold x 1 min + Superman x 1 min

Day 2: Pull-Legs-Core

  • Pull ups: 10 to 1 (or front band pulls, you can do a 15 to 5 pyramid if doing front band pulls as they are easier than pull ups). Hold every last rep at the top.
  • Elevated hips raises: 1 to 10 + hold every last rep for 5 seconds
  • Hanging knee raises x 10 x 3 sets + superman x 1 min

Day 3: Full Body

  • Push ups 1 to 10
  • Australian rows (or front band pulls) 10 to 1
  • Squats/Hip raises x 10 each x 3 sets
  • Hollow body hold x 1 min + Superman x 1 min

This is a beginner-intermediate program, but you can, of course, increase the amount of repetitions and static hold time, for some or all of the exercises, if you are more advanced. 

Here is how you can schedule your days, depending on your level:

  • If you are a beginner use this cycle once per week (workout every other day).
  • If you are intermediate or advanced, repeat the cycle twice a week, take a break on Sundays.

This program can become as tough as you want it to be!

Let’s go!


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