I Wouldn’t Mind Rewinding This Moment a Hundred Times

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2022

I remember when I first had a massive win with calisthenics.

Unlocking the all mighty Muscle Up!

It was incredible! 

Before I was able to do a muscle up, I was a completely different person. 

I thought I would never be able to achieve that from where I was standing. Pull ups were already challenging so the muscle up seemed to be from another dimension.

I felt fatalistic and I was ok with the idea that this move wasn’t for me, that I wasn’t a gymnast anyway and that I’d stay stuck under the bar forever.

How the muscle up happened…is actually the most important part of the story. 

This quest for something that seemed unattainable has changed my life.

I wouldn’t mind rewinding these moments a few more times...  

I would go train every single day for years, and haven’t stopped ever since.

I was getting great advices from the older, more experienced guys that were training at the park, and encouragement from the whole community as well.

We were all pushing each other to get better and stronger.

I would show up no matter what the weather was (rain or shine) and what time it is (I’d go later if I could not go earlier).

Sometimes I’d be alone at the park, facing the mighty bar. I’d stay quiet for a while, doing nothing, with just my thoughts and the sheer will to succeed in getting over the bar one day! 

Then I’d do one attempt. The attempt was a failure. 

And I’d come back the next day.

No matter what, I kept projecting my self in the future with the vision that I was crushing muscle ups.

One day, after roughly 2 years of hard work, failure, as well as the help and support of my local community, I just did a muscle up. 

Just like that, it HAPPENED! It took me a minute, at the top of the bar, to realize I had done it. 

The smile on my face has stayed with me forever since then.

As you can see, this moment means so much to me. It has completely changed who I am. Thank you for allowing me to share it with you! 

To our success, 


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