Let's Talk About Problems

online calisthenics Oct 06, 2022

Let's face it, EVERY human on earth has problems.

Of EVERY kind.

Here I'll only address injuries, chronic pains, and posture deficiencies. The goal is to keep them MINOR, and reverse them.

I’ll only name a few but I trained with:

  1. Broken toes 
  2. A long term-chronic winging right shoulder blade (affects ALL overhead movements) 
  3. A left elbow with a bursted bursa that will never heal (affects ALL pushing movements) 
  4. Chronic tendonitis in the right arm from tennis (problematic for ALL grips). 
  5. Right rotator cuff chronic pain due to too much serving at tennis (very inconvenient for ALL overhead movements)
  6. Left slightly cracked knee cap skiing in my teens (affects knee bending capacity) 
  7. Right ankle busted from a 8ft jump/fail skiing (affects ankle flexion)
  8. I have a tendency for hyperlordosis (lower back arching syndrome) (affects ALL movements)
  9. I also have constant tinnitus from making music for 20+ years (affects focus)
  10. Over the last years, I had to deal with a very tender right knee and meniscus which turned chronic (affects every lower body side and high impact). So I had to re-learn to use my right foot better.  I’m back running and jumping better than before.

I had to adapt, re-learn movement patterns, do a mix of workout and rehab work, assess and progress over time. 

None of these are a problem anymore, even the one I still have (tinnitus). The secret is that I personally use and teach a lot more than calisthenics.

I put a lot of focus on proper training form and progressions, daily mobility, healthy food, healthy practices (breathing, sleeping, water) and mindset.

I include these elements in ALL my programs and personal training sessions! 

Staying healthy is a holistic lifestyle. If you know me, you already know that!


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