My Favorite Cardio Workout. Boost Speed And Burn Fat.

online calisthenics Mar 01, 2023

Most people don’t like to train cardio.

It’s usually viewed as an endless running session, on a treadmill that leads to nowhere, getting little to no results at all in the process.

So today I will share my favorite workout, to make sure you burn fat, and build solid strength and speed!

The goal is to get your heart rate up, sweat bullets and exhale a lot of CO2. Hint: combining these 3 things is the ONLY way to burn fat.

So click on each title below to watch the videos!

1/ Let’s start with some agility work with the skaters runs - back pedal combo.

Go for 8-10 steps, and pause for a split second every time you land, then come back to your initial position running backwards at a moderate pace.

Repeat the process for 10 sets.

Rest 30-60 sec between sets.

2/ We’ll continue with some broad precision jumps, for explosive cardio strength and agility.

The goal is to go as far as possible with a clean landing on each jump. This means you should be able to stay where you are after landing. Precision is key!

Go for 8 jumps and repeat for 10 sets.

Rest 30-60 sec between sets.

3/ Finally we’ll burn out the left over energy with some jump rope double-unders.

The goal is to skip the rope twice under your feet on each jump.

Go for 10-30+ jumps and repeat for 10 sets. Substitute with single jumps and double the amount of repetitions if you can’t do double-unders yet.

Rest 60-90 sec between sets.

This workout is guaranteed to make you burn fat, build speed and cardio strength.

Adjust the overall amount of sets depending on your level: 

  • Beginners can reduce sets by 50% 
  • Intermediate can reduce sets by 25% 
  • Advanced should complete the workout as is.

Post your workouts and tag me! 

I’d love to see your progress! 


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