Stop Guessing: The Exact Timeframe for Calisthenics Results

Calisthenics, when will I see results?

Everybody has their own idea of what progress is when starting their calisthenics journey.

For some it may be weight loss, gaining more muscle, becoming more athletic or learning a new calisthenics skill.

These are all excellent goals and more often than not come all together eventually to those who stay consistent.

It’s crucial to remember what progress looks like and how long it takes in most cases. Indeed, it’s not always easy to perceive something that is not there yet while we put lots of effort in reaching those goals.

So here is an overall progress timeframe to better visualize the progress path.

In a nutshell, progress is a lot faster when you are just getting started. It gets harder to level up as you become better! The curve can look like a logarithmic graph for those who studied maths: it goes up quick and starts to plateau after.

This following timeline is an estimate that may vary greatly depending on people, training consistency, nutrition, general talent, metabolic rate and lifestyle.

However it gives a good idea of the big picture when you stay consistent, and try to make progress everyday.

  • 3 months - better form, overall volume and physical progress, patterns understanding
  • 6 months - clean form on essential compound moves, continued overall volume and physical progress (leaner, more muscle mass)
  • 1 year - 15 pull ups set, advanced moves intro: muscle ups, levers, handstand, pistol squats training
  • 3 years - 20+ pull ups, high rep sets and complex moves progressions (handstands, pseudo planche, levers, rings)
  • 5 years - clean muscle ups, ring muscle ups, levers, ring levers, planche, handstand, high volume sets, weighted sets, freestyle
  • 7+ years - clean muscle ups, levers, clean ring sets and holds, handstand advanced variations, planche, high volume sets, weighted sets, freestyle
  • 10 years+ Fine tuning clean muscle ups, levers, ring variations, handstand advanced variations, high volume sets, weighted sets, planche, freestyle, teaching, growing communities

So now let's get some calisthenics results!


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