The 6 Most Important Calisthenics Exercises For Beginners

Uncategorized Nov 18, 2020

Calisthenics, like a martial art, comes down to practicing and mastering essential movements, that will later translate into more advanced and fun skills.

We all start as a beginner, so I made a video to show you and explain the 6 most important movements to practice, if you can't do a full pull up, dip or push up yet.

You will learn about the foundations to build proper form for the following moves:

1 - Australian Rows (or inverted rows)

2 - Superman & Scorpio Holds

3 - Knee Push Ups

4 - Box Dips

5 - Box Squats

6 - Core Leg Flutters

You will have access to all the details and important adjustments to make, to get the best out of your workouts.

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Click here to watch the video.


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