The Secret To Be Good At Pull Ups

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2022

Let's talk about the secret to get good at pull ups: the "false" grip.

Many people want to do pull ups but their grip strength gives up after a few repetitions.

Keep in mind that your grip is one of the most important component of strength, and being able to hold a bar with a "false grip" will dramatically improve the quality of all your movements.

This will increase your pull ups, muscle ups, as well as push ups, handstands and more.

The "False" grip generates a lot of contraction in the forearms and forces us to use more of our forearm extensors, while these are usually under trained with a "classic" grip.

You will find 3 different levels of training for your false grip:

  • Beginner: 0'
  • Intermediate: 2'58
  • Advanced: 6'13

Practice at the level that suits you, and work your way up progressively!

Have a good workout!


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