The Workout You Need To Start 2023!

online calisthenics Jan 14, 2023

This 400 reps workout is the perfect way to start the year:

I completed it in less than 60 min.

Use a wide grip for chin ups if you are advanced otherwise, substitute with classic chin ups grip width.

You can break down and mix (pull ups/chin ups) the pull ups amount per set as you go. Same goes with the knee raises and shoulder extensions. Start with the longer sets you can and reduce as you get fatigued. Make sure to keep a good pace.

You can take as long as you want, but try to make it 60 minutes. Use any variation needed (example: using a resistance band for pull ups or substituting with Australian rows).

Make sure to warm up properly, as usual! And put a special focus on your shoulders and wrists!

Let's go!


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