What I Asked To Calisthenics Santa For Christmas!

online calisthenics Dec 27, 2022

...is for you to stay consistent with your routine and get "gainz" during the holidays!

That's really the secret!

There is no resolution to have on January 1st.

Whatever happens, the secret is to never stop.

That doesn't mean you have to train beast mode every single day.

That means you need to keep up with the bare minimum of movement your body needs to stay alive.

There are MANY reasons and ways to make that a very cool part of life.

1/ You have 100% freedom of choice. 

You can do it whenever you want, anywhere, anytime. 

2/ It's extremely easy to remember.

It's just like you remember to brush your teeth everyday.

3/ The 100 rule. 

Do 100 repetitions of a compound movement, as a bare minimum to do everyday, on any day where/if you don't fully workout (Sunday can be mobility!). Convert that to seconds if it's a static movement or a mobility routine. If you can't perform some movements, you can use any assisted variations.

The most accessible moves are push ups, squats and hollow body holds.

4/ It brings people together.

Bring friends, significant other or family to workout on the day after Christmas eve dinner! Or train once a week (or any amount of time!), build a team with some friends to create challenges and regular workouts, and meet more people at the parks and places you train!

Forging social bonds through wellness is the solution to stay active and healthy for a lifetime.

With that said, Happy Holidays!


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