Why You Can't Get Away From Running!

cardio Oct 03, 2023

Why You Can't Get Away From Running!

If that's you, just stop making excuses for why you don’t run regularly (at least once a week).

I have heard it all:

  • I don’t like running
  • I hate running
  • Running is boring
  • Running is pointless
  • I’m out of shape
  • I need to lose weight first
  • It hurts my knees
  • It hurts [anything]
  • It’s too cold
  • It’s too hot
  • It’s too rainy
  • I don't have running shoes

The good thing is that none of this matters.

You, we, as humans, were designed as the ultimate, most efficient, bi-pedestrian mammal on earth.

Your prime set of motions and skills are: walking, running, climbing, adapting.

Remember that this is coded in your DNA.

Running is part of you. 

Wether you like it or not!

Running is first thing kids do the second they can! They want to run around. You most likely wanted to run around too, and someday you stopped!

And I am writing this article for you to change that! Or if you are already running to congratulate you!

As someone who used to see running as boring, I had to come around that idea too.

We usually don’t like things that we are bad at.

So I decided to get technically better at running.

I focused on form, details, regular practice (1-2 times per week), starting with practicing (20-30-45-60 min runs) and then introduced sprint training in my routines over the last decade. They are a staple skill to entertain for longevity. 

There are overall plenty of ways you can practice running.

You can start with walking.

But also focus on your technique when you walk then!

  • Are you using your big toe properly?
  • Is your foot arch solid enough?
  • How are hips placed when you walk?
  • What are your shoulders doing?
  • How is your neck?
  • Are you hitting the floor and propelling your self forward optimally? 

You see there is lot going on when simply walking. 

Speed training and jump roping will also improve your running skills.

Here are some great moves to boost your cardio and burn fat!

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