The ONE Thing That Makes a Difference

Uncategorized Apr 07, 2022

I wanted to write this article to share something I've learned with you.

In my early days, after a few years of training, I was disappointed with my results. 

It happens to the best of us. I did make clear progress but was training with guys much stronger than me. I also thought I’d reach their level within a few years of hard training.

Then, I had the opportunity to have a conversation with a ripped, retired professional rugby player in his mid 40’s. He was THE guy everyone was looking up too where I used to train - and I went for it. 

I went for the long term, small steps, consistent approach than this guys had been using for decades.

This chat has been a life changing experience. I realized results take time. This guys had been training for 30+ years! And I was thinking that 3 years of intense training was going to get me where he was. LOL.

After that, I felt so refreshed and gained so much clarity on how to get lean, strong and healthy.

I realized that there’s this ONE thing that made such a big difference for me when it comes to making long term progress... 

I was subconsciously doing it but it suddenly dawned on me how without this ONE thing, everything just falls apart... 

Yes, it is to stay consistent!

Consistency is the number one key to achieve long term progress. You are what you repeatedly do.

It goes without saying, but lots of people think short term. A vast majority of them will go out to look for a 4-8 week program to “lose 10 pounds” or to “impress that guy or that girl”.

The truth is that is very easy to do. 

The hard part starts after the 4-8 week program is over. What happens next? Usually people gain the 10 pounds back or more. They also fall out of the program once they get engaged and comfortable with the guy or girl they were chasing.

This is why the Online Calisthenics course includes more than one full year of training. 

It is designed to teach you calisthenics and more with a major focus on mindset, flexibility, creativity and nutrition, so you can become your own coach in the long run.
Here are some of the ways you can master consistency

  •  Train every day. It does not mean do the same thing every day. It means adapt, mix things up and improve. 
  •  Any progress is actually huge. Think in terms of daily small steps and small progress. It’s harder to witness small things, but in the end this is what will make the big picture visible.
  •  Don’t put a timeline on your results. The better you’ll get, the more results you’ll want. So instead of thinking about what you’ll look like in 2 months, envision your self in 20 years from now.  Entertain that pattern every day.

How about you? Have you mastered consistency?



PS: if you are new, sign up for your Online Calisthenics trial here!


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