The Reasons Why You Should Do Calisthenics

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2022

Let us not beat around the bush. As some of you may know, I am a Calisthenics - Bodyweight movement expert. I help people like you with getting strong, lean and see results for years, not just a few months.

So I will be sharing with you 3 reasons why you should do calisthenics and embrace holistic health.

More importantly, I will be helping you to make a solid decision of whether you want to get serious results with calisthenics or just keep spending your time browsing the internet for free videos and endless 4 week bullsh*t programs.

The thing is, my calisthenics course is NOT suitable for everyone. That’s the truth. 

I know of so many people who were only slightly interested in calisthenics and wanted quick "tips" to achieve goals that take years of learning and practice... but they never got anywhere because they did not dig deep enough to truly understand why calisthenics and bodyweight movement are so important. 

After talking to dozens of my most successful customers, I have distilled the 3 main reasons why anyone would want to get good at calisthenics. And it’s not what you imagine! 

#1 Feel like a kid, forever. This is the number one way to feel young forever. At 41 years old, I can personally confirm this. You will never feel old as long as you can move like when you were 10 years old.

#2 Being outdoors. The benefits of outdoor workouts are tremendous. Even if you live in a rather cold or hot area, there will always be times where being outdoor is possible (when it's not, you can simply do your workouts at home). Exposing your body to the outdoors is vital for your health. So no matter where you live, you must spend as much time outside as you can. 

#3 Feeling limitless. Calisthenics doesn’t really end, ever. You can do calisthenics anywhere, at anytime with anyone. Any skill can be fine tuned, and re-shaped to lead to a new movement. The  creativity behind it is also a great way to develop brain plasticity. This sport never ends!

What about you? Do any of these reasons resonate with you?
I want you to get real clear on your reason(s) behind why you want to start calisthenics. 

Let us not talk about superficial reasons. I want you to dig deep to truly figure out why you want to do calisthenics. 

You may realize at the end of the day that calisthenics isn’t for you, and that’s okay. 

But if you realize that calisthenics may be something you are interested in, I’m here to walk this journey with you! So let me know... what's your personal WHY for wanting to master bodyweight movement? Why are YOU interested in calisthenics? Why would YOU like to achieve this lifestyle?



PS: sign up for your calisthenics course trial if you are new!



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