The Worst Healthy Foods!

The Worst Healthy Foods!

Being healthy starts with what we eat!

And there are a lot of fake "healthy" foods to avoid to get and stay in shape!

So let's debunk 3 of the worse healthy foods out there:

1. Milk Alternatives

At the top is soy milk, then almond, oat milk, and lastly coconut milk.

All these milk alternatives have different health down sides.

The common thread is that they are full of additives, gums and anti-nutrients that are harmful to us in the long run when consumed regularly.

These reduce protein digestion and absorption as well as increase gut inflammation and bloating.

It's fairly common to see these products used by people who drink coffee.

So my best advice would be to consume better quality coffee and develop the habit of drinking it black.

Note that you can also add a tea spoon of butter or coconut oil in your black coffee  for the fat benefits!

If you are using these products in your oatmeal, you can easily replace them with almond or peanut butter.

Simply add a table spoon of either option in your oatmeal while cooking it. This will give you a nutrient dense creamy texture.

Last but not least, make sure to pick the “almond or peanut” only jars. Avoid any added salt and sugar!

2. Brown rice

Let’s start with the fact that the human body can NOT digest the bran.

So this type of rice is only harder (impossible) to digest, hence using more calories to try to do so. Therefore it is advertised as a "fat burner food".

As you can imagine, this leads to a very marginal calorie expenditure difference compared to white rice, while you also have to deal with non-digestible nutrients.

Here again bloating is likely to occur if you consume brown rice often.

So if you want to lose fat and get lean, simply skip brown rice and stick to healthy portions of white rice.

3/ Energy drinks

Before your calisthenics training session, you may be tempted to boost your energy levels with one of these drinks.

You see them everywhere, they are in every single sports competition, and lots of famous athletes drink them.

But guess what?

This does not make it healthy.

These athletes are getting paid (very well) for you to think that!

So next time you feel like gulping a Red bull or Celsius drink, remember that there are better options:

  • Black coffee for caffeine
  • Coconut water for recovery electrolytes

These are very simple and healthy alternatives to all the marketed harmful bullsh*t you see everywhere!

So avoiding these 3 types of products will make a big impact in the long run, since they are often consumed daily or weekly.

Changing and fine-tuning our food habits is one of the most powerful tool we have to take care of our bodies.

I made a list of bad foods that you can easily replace with healthy options here!

Pair it with a good calisthenics training plan and you are set for life!

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Calisthenics Training FAQ’s


What is Calisthenics Training?
Calisthenics, rooted in the ancient Greek ideals of "Kalos" (beauty) and "Sthenos" (strength), emphasizes both physical and mental fitness. The modern practice integrates elements of classic calisthenics, acrobatics, gymnastics, yoga, and disciplines like breakdancing and parkour. This versatile, bodyweight training method allows you to train anywhere, anytime, without expensive equipment.

What makes Calisthenics different from traditional fitness?
Traditional gym routines can feel repetitive and lack motivation, often requiring costly memberships with inconsistent results. Calisthenics offers a refreshing alternative. By combining aerobic and anaerobic exercises, you'll burn fat, build lean muscle, and witness impressive strength and skill gains, all while enjoying the freedom of training outdoors or indoors. Plus, calisthenics fosters a supportive community, fueling your long-term commitment to fitness.

I am a beginner, do I need to get in shape before I sign up?
You can start no matter what your current level is! Our Online Calisthenics course is designed for every fitness level. Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your skills, our program guides you in achieving your goals, from gaining strength and mobility to building lean muscle and losing fat.

Can I build muscle with Calisthenics?
Calisthenics is a progressive, functional training discipline that utilizes your own bodyweight for resistance. This evolutive system delivers impressive results, enabling you to shed fat, build strength, and increase mobility and endurance, all while sculpting lean muscle.


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