Calisthenics Back Lever Progression!

back lever skills Oct 27, 2023

Calisthenics Back Lever Progression!

Arean's back lever is not perfect yet, but he came a long way, from when he started!

It's a movement that is harder than it looks.

Not only because of the strength component but also the mobility requirements, because the bar is behind you.

This alters our perception and body mechanics (similar to a handstand, or just standing on leg with your eyes closed, for example).

That means the back lever requires extra focus on legs, hips, ribs and shoulder placement.

Here is how to practice the back lever with negatives, IF you can already do a good static tuck hold:

  • Starting in tuck.
  • Extend in an upward, 45 degree angle, back lever (feet pointing to the sky behind you).
  • Perform the negative phase until your body is parallel to the ground (this is where tension in the chest, core, glutes, and legs is maximum).
  • Here are pointers to focus on during the negative phase and the hold: 
    • Squeeze your chest
    • Keep your ribs low and in
    • Keep pelvis tilted back
    • "Pull" the bar behind and down, towards your feet
    • Extend your knees
    • Squeeze your glutes
    • Extend your hamstrings, calves and point your feet
    • DON'T OVER DO IT: Go back into a tuck position and/or let go off the bar once you feel your lower back giving up. 

Don't forget to work on your front lever too in the meantime. Here is how!

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