Do This To Get Your Back in Great Shape!

Do This To Get Your Back in Great Shape!

Static pull up holds are a great way to stretch and strengthen your back. 

They are a game changer to get better at pull ups!

This exercise consists of holding at 3 levels of the pull up for an extended amount of time:

  • The top of a pull-up (bar to chest, or bar behind the neck)
  • The mid-hold (bar above the head)
  • The dead hang (straight arms)

The mid hold is probably the hardest part of the combo. It requires good shoulder strength and mobility. You can practice assisted lat flies and use a resistance band to build up to it.

This is an overall great combo for building core strength, as well as increasing flexibility. It can also help to improve posture and reduce back pain. 

If you can’t hold behind your neck yet, substitute for a classic chest to bar at the top of the pull up hold.

Aim for 5-10 seconds at each level. Go for 3-5 sets after your pull up workout.

Check out one of my sets here!

Give them a try and see how much your back can benefit!


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