From Calisthenics Beginner To Advanced in 2.5 years!

mindset Oct 27, 2023

From Calisthenics Beginner To Advanced in 2.5 years!

I had the pleasure to chat with Antal last week.

He is a great example of the results you get when you follow the right program and method, with consistency.

We talked about how using the Online Calisthenics coaching program changed his life since 2021.

You can watch his workout transformation here.

He went from a complete calisthenics beginner to being able to achieve the muscle up and more.

Within 2.5 years!

In our interview, we talked about his favorite moves, the healthy foods he prioritizes and other practical habits that he now implements in his life to keep progressing.

He also shared some of his future goals and advices for those who want to get started like him!

Watch the full interview here!

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