Is Calisthenics Art?

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2022

Would you consider calisthenics art?

By calisthenics I mean it in its original sense, from the greek words "Kalos", beautiful, and "Sthenos", strength.

Beautiful Strength.

And if not an art, then it's definitely a meditation tool.

I learned to handstand by meditating without knowing I was meditating.

Learning to handstand allows us to tangibly feel the joy of balance. It requires focus, consistency and patience.

I have built the handstand program based on those principles and I strongly recommend learning how to do handstand to everyone.

You have access to the program inside your membership.

In the end, hand balancing is all about details.

Here is a slow motion video, where you can see every small adjustments that are needed while we are standing upside down.



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