Best Push Ups For Chest and Triceps


Best Push Ups For Chest and Triceps

Are you looking to hit your chest and triceps with calisthenics?

Look no further!

These are by far the best push ups you can do to get a great chest and triceps pump.

If you haven't guessed yet, I am talking about the narrow grip push ups.

Here I am doing them on a narrow wall, which also increases core engagement and balance work.

These push ups require good shoulder mobility!

Focus on form and tempo when doing them, as it's easy to lose form and the benefits that go with it!

Go for 5-10 reps x 5-10 sets. 

I recommend to hold the last rep down for 5-10 seconds on each set, to maximize your overall time under tension.

Adapt the volume and intensity as needed.

Here is how to get started with push ups if you can't do the narrow grip ones yet!

If you need more guidance overall, get all my calisthenics programs and personal coaching here!



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