Fix Rounded Shoulders: Ultimate Guide to Correcting Poor Posture

mobility Aug 14, 2023

Fix Rounded Shoulders: Ultimate Guide to Correcting Poor Posture!

Don't buy into the quick-fix posture solutions you see marketed every day.

Braces, ergonomic chairs, chiropractors; while they might provide temporary relief, they're simply bandaids for deeper issues.

In this guide, I'll show you how to truly fix your rounded shoulders and achieve a stronger, healthier posture through natural primal movement and daily stretching.

1. How Do Rounded Shoulders Develop?

Rounded shoulders are typically the result of prolonged poor posture, often related to sitting at a computer or desk job or extensively using a smartphone or tablet. Essentially, your chest muscles become tight and your back muscles weaken, causing your shoulders to hunch forward.

2. What Are the Health Risks of Rounded Shoulders?

Besides causing a hunched, unhealthy appearance, rounded shoulders can lead to inability to walk or run properly, chronic back and neck pain, headaches, and potentially even thoracic outlet syndrome or kyphosis.

3. Can Exercises Help Correct Rounded Shoulders?

 Absolutely! Simple exercises that target the muscles of your shoulders, back, and chest can significantly improve your shoulder alignment, boost your upper body strength, and correct your posture. It's not just about workouts though — adopting better posture habits throughout your daily life is crucial to maintain these improvements.

4. Are There Any Ergonomic Tips for Preventing Rounded Shoulders?

Creating a posture-friendly workspace is an important step. Adjust your chair so your feet are flat on the ground, align your computer at eye level, and make a conscious effort to keep your back straight. However, don’t forget the key rule: moving more throughout the day is better than perfecting the way you sit.

5. What Stretches are Effective for Improving Shoulder Posture?

Daily stretching make a massive difference for your posture. Regularly implementing chest-openers, shoulder rolls, and upper-back stretches into your routine can help to counteract the effects of rounded shoulders and promote better alignment.

6. Is Yoga Beneficial for Fixing Rounded Shoulders?

Certainly. Yoga is a versatile tool for posture improvement. I made a course called Yogasthenics, which is a mix of Yoga and Calisthenics. It encourages whole body awareness, promotes flexibility, and builds strength — all of which contribute to better posture. Poses such as the Cobra Pose, Upward Facing Dog, and Chair’s Pose are particularly helpful for correcting rounded shoulders.

7. How Long Does it Take to See Results from Posture Correction?

Patience, consistency, and discipline are key when it comes to posture correction. Depending on the severity of your rounded shoulders and the frequency of your exercises, it can take several weeks to a few months to see significant improvements.

8. Are There Any Recommended Lifestyle Changes for Better Posture?

Practicing mindful body awareness can greatly improve your posture. Regularly check in with your body throughout the day, correct your posture when sitting or standing, and aim to move regularly.

9. Exercises to Improve Shoulder Posture

There are plenty of exercises you can perform to fortify your upper back and shoulders, and improve your posture. A simple yet powerful exercise is the shrug push ups. You can also experiment with more Push-ups and Pull ups, as well as the Superman exercise. Here are some examples.

10. Why NOT to Use Posture Braces for Rounded Shoulders

Contrary to popular belief, regular use of posture braces can actually weaken your muscles over time, leading to dependence on the brace. True, realignment comes from strengthening your muscles, not relying on external support.

11. Why to Avoid Blaming Your Chair for Posture Issues

While a comfortable chair can indeed reduce discomfort and promote better alignment, it's not the ultimate solution. Prioritize movement and exercise to strengthen those muscles to maintain a pain-free posture.

12. Why Chiropractic Treatments for Rounded Shoulders are Good Temporary Fixes But Don’t Solve the Real Problem

Chiropractors can provide immediate, though temporary, relief. But if you have a sedentary lifestyle and don't maintain active movement habits, the discomfort will soon return. It is crucial to address the root causes of the problem, not just the symptoms.

13. How to Move More in Order to Avoid Rounded Shoulders, Instead of Focusing on Changing How You Sit

Embrace regular short breaks from sitting to move around, stretch, or even perform mini workouts. Incorporate more exercise into your daily routine, even if it’s just a short walk. Varied and regular movement is much more beneficial than spending more money on ergonomic furniture.

14. Massage Therapy for Correcting Posture

Massage therapy can provide temporary relief from discomfort and may improve flexibility, but it will not 'fix' your posture. Complement this treatment with active posture correction exercises and daily practices.

15. Pilates Routines for Shoulder Alignment

Pilates can be a powerful tool for improving posture, but you also need to pair that with calisthenics full-body workouts centered around the stability and flexibility of the spine. Here are more shoulder exercises you can do to build strong shoulders.

16. Posture-related Neck Pain Relief

If you're suffering from neck pain associated with rounded shoulders, calisthenics exercises focused on upper body and neck strength can provide significant relief.

Final Thoughts

The path to better posture begins with unveiling misconceptions, understanding your body and integrating healthy habits into your daily life. Slow and steady improvement is the key, not quick fixes. Long-lasting change is achieved through mindful movement, posture awareness, and dedicated practice. Invest in yourself, take the first step, and rediscover the strength within you.

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