Simple Calisthenics Workout For Back, Shoulders and Chest


Simple Calisthenics Workout For Back, Shoulders and Chest

Maximize your fitness gains and save time when needed!

Training calisthenics is great to work on compound movements, maximize gains and save time when needed.

Today I want to share one of my favorite calisthenics routines to train back, chest and shoulders.

Note that every set will also highly engage your abs so your core gets covered as well!

I love using that protocol when training solo and try to keep a solid pace though the workout.

Here are the calisthenics exercises that I do:

  • “Fat grip” Wide pull ups to chest + Isometric holds (top-middle-hang on every last rep) x 5-7 x 10 sets
  • Deficit pike push ups + isometric hold (bottom) x 5 x 10 sets


  • I go for minimal, yet efficient, rest time with 30-90 seconds of rest between each set.
  • It goes without saying that rest time is lower during the first supersets and tends to get higher towards the end of the workout.

Combining explosive pulling movements and isometric holds is a great way to train different muscle fiber contractions (dynamic and static).

The "Fat grip" pull ups put a lot of stress on the forearms and will give you an amazing grip strength pump. You'll also feel your back getting more engaged on each repetition.

Using the deficit pike push ups allows for a wider range of motion of the chest and helps targeting the “upper” part of the pecs.

Holding the bottom position in an active way (don’t just rest on your shoulders) builds up your overhead shoulder strength.

Use that great calisthenics workout routine to build your back, shoulders and chest in record time!

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Calisthenics Training FAQ’s


What is Calisthenics Training?
Calisthenics, rooted in the ancient Greek ideals of "Kalos" (beauty) and "Sthenos" (strength), emphasizes both physical and mental fitness. The modern practice integrates elements of classic calisthenics, acrobatics, gymnastics, yoga, and disciplines like breakdancing and parkour. This versatile, bodyweight training method allows you to train anywhere, anytime, without expensive equipment.

What makes Calisthenics different from traditional fitness?
Traditional gym routines can feel repetitive and lack motivation, often requiring costly memberships with inconsistent results. Calisthenics offers a refreshing alternative. By combining aerobic and anaerobic exercises, you'll burn fat, build lean muscle, and witness impressive strength and skill gains, all while enjoying the freedom of training outdoors or indoors. Plus, calisthenics fosters a supportive community, fueling your long-term commitment to fitness.

I am a beginner, do I need to get in shape before I sign up?
You can start no matter what your current level is! Our Online Calisthenics course is designed for every fitness level. Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your skills, our program guides you in achieving your goals, from gaining strength and mobility to building lean muscle and losing fat.

Can I build muscle with Calisthenics?
Calisthenics is a progressive, functional training discipline that utilizes your own bodyweight for resistance. This evolutive system delivers impressive results, enabling you to shed fat, build strength, and increase mobility and endurance, all while sculpting lean muscle.


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